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Traditional Dialers vs NeoDove Telecalling Dialer: Which is Better?

Published on August 18, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
Tradditional Dialers vs NeoDove Telecalling Dialer l NeoDove

Do you want to efficiently communicate with your clients and customers?

Are you tired of wasting manual efforts on continuously daling numbers?

If so, you might want to look into upgrading from a traditional dialer to NeoDove’s telecalling dialer. NeoDove’s telecalling dialer comes equipped with all the features you need for smarter telecalling.

In this article, we will look at traditional dialers and how they compare against NeoDove’s dialer. 

What is a Dialer?

A dialer refers to a phone system that’s used to place calls to your customers. Typically, the aim of a dialer is to reduce errors and the cost of making many phone calls.

Dialers help improve your business’ efficiency as your agents can directly connect with customers as soon as they are free. Alongside this, dialers enhance call documentation as well as the overall customer experience by saving valuable time.

Traditional Dialers Vs. NeoDove’s Telecalling Dialer

Traditionally, there are two categories of dialers used in contact centers – manual and auto dialers. You choose your preferred dialing mode based on how suitable it is for your organization and your business goals.

1) Manual Dialer

Manual Dialer l NeoDove

A manual dialer involves agents having to dial contacts from a list of customer numbers manually one after another. Most new small businesses choose this option as it’s the easiest and most affordable option. 

However, using a manual dialer can be extremely time consuming. Your agents have to wait for the phone call to connect. Not only this, the calls can even be busy, or wrong or just reach the answering machine.

As there is no way to filter your calls, manual dialers are considered the least efficient way of conducting calls.

2) Auto Dialers 

Auto Dialer l NeoDove

Let’s first take a look at the 3 main types of auto dialers:

  • Power Dialer

A power dialer is one of the most basic automated dialer systems. It allows you to dial the next number on your contacts list after your agent completes their previous call. 

A power dialing system even has a protocol in place when it encounters a busy line or disconnected number. It just automatically dials up the next number from your list. But when a customer does answer, the power dialer instantly connects them to your agent.

A power dialer only moves onto the next call after your current call has ended. As such, this means that there is always an agent on the line and dropped calls are minimized.

Power dialers are useful when you have high outbound call volume. They can help you avoid just manually dialing numbers.

  • Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is perhaps one of the most commonly used dialers in contact centers. It is also called a semi-automatic dialer and helps offer a personalized experience to your customers.

First, preview dialers select a contact from a database of leads and send the call request to your agent. Then, the agent is able to preview the related information or past interactions before beginning the call. After that, your agent can place the call or skip it and move on to the next phone number.

The main benefit is that the system dials only when your agent is ready to place the call. As such, using a preview dialer minimizes the chance of call drops.

Preview dialers help improve customer engagement by helping agents better prepare for each call.

  • Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer refers to a dialer system that aims to increase agent efficiency. It does this by increasing the number of calls your agents can handle. 

With this dialer, many numbers are called simultaneously and answered calls are then directed to available agents. Power dialers also enable you to screen out answering machines and busy or disconnected numbers. 

Furthermore, it uses an algorithm to adjust your call rate based on specific call metrics. For example, average number of dials before picked up,call abandonment rate, average length of conversations, etc.

Predictive dialers are most useful in contact centers with high outbound call volumes. This is because they increase contact rate alongside the number of calls that agents can make. 

NeoDove’s Telecalling Dialer

NeoDove Telecalling Dialer

NeoDove’s telecalling dialer takes a more unique approach with its use of automated progressive dialing. Its auto dialer allows you to dial a large volume of phone numbers in minimal time. 

Moreover, its click-to-dial option allows your agents to quickly connect with customers over the phone without saving any contact information. You simply need to upload a list of contact numbers, or integrate with your lead generation platforms, and on the dialer you can either press call or let the the system make the call automatically after set interval.

Features of NeoDove’s Telecalling Dialer

Let’s look at some of the features of NeoDove’s telecalling dialer:

1) SIM-based Calling

NeoDove provides your agents with a virtual number to contact your prospects. This allows you to directly call prospects using your own SIM without disclosing your sales rep’s personal number.

Using a virtual number helps protect your salesperson’s privacy and also builds rapport with your organization. Furthermore, SIM calling allows salespeople to work from anywhere. As such, you never miss an opportunity to contact customers or prospects outside the office. 

Additionally, SIM calling is considered more affordable than traditional phones. Due to your SIM working on the cloud system, no need to rent expensive lines. Alongside this, SIM calling is also quick and simple to set up.

2) Call Rescheduling

With just a few taps, you can schedule calls and connect effectively with your customers. NeoDove’s call scheduling allows telecallers to manage and track any meeting set up with current/ potential customers. 

In this way, you’re able to reach your prospects at the right time. You can even boost caller engagement by efficiently scheduling follow-up calls. In fact, well-managed call scheduling ensures that you never miss a single call.

3) Local Language Support

Local Language Support l NeoDove

NeoDove uses a multi-lingual interface so that users can use NeoDove in any language of their choice. Additionally, you can use this feature to speak to customers in their own language and show them you care.

Alongside this, local language support also helps your business reach new markets. It encourages better customer communication as well as boosts customer loyalty. People are shown to be more loyal to businesses that offer support in their native language.

4) Status-wise Calling

NeoDove allows you to call your prospects based on their lead status. This means specifically calling priority leads that have an active lead status and actively engage with your sales team.

Through NeoDove’s intelligent status-wise calling, you’re able to reach the right prospects. You can easily filter out inactive and lost leads to better prioritize your follow-up process.

Furthermore, you can connect with people that are genuinely interested in your product.

5) Call Analytics

With NeoDove’s dialer, you can record and track your telecaller’s performance via analytics. You can easily record data regarding calls of telecallers to ensure they are doing it the right way. As a result, productivity of your employees is enhanced and sales growth improved.

With call analytics, you’re even able to identify which sales techniques are more effective to close deals. This software also helps in boosting your sales as well as improving employee management. 

6) Remote Telecalling

Remote Tele Calling l NeoDove

By utilizing remote telecalling, your sales team can work from anywhere. Not only are you no longer restricted to a system or location, you’re able to participate in smarter telecalling. 

With NeoDove, your team can operate without interruption from any location. As such, remote calling boosts team productivity and helps improve time management. Furthermore, with fewer people in your office, you can save costs.

7) Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  System

NeoDove’s telecalling dialer comes equipped with an IVR system to help you effectively connect with your customers. IVR is an automated calling solution that lets you interact with customers even when no agents are available.

It greets your customers and then allows them to choose from a variety of queries to assist them. NeoDove’s IVR solution allows you to provide a more personalized customer experience while also boosting lead generation.

Most importantly, through the use of IVR your business can be available to customers 24×7.

Why Should You Use NeoDove’s Telecalling Dialer?

Telecalling Dialer l NeoDove

To put it briefly, NeoDove’s telecalling dialer comes equipped with a variety of useful features.

Firstly, using an auto daler like NeoDove’s helps eliminate misdialing as well as other call constraints. Your agents no longer have to perform repetitive tasks. Thus, improving operational efficiency. 

Secondly, it helps eliminate call drops alongside excessive hold times. This goes a long way in reducing customer frustration as well as decreasing overall wait times.

Thirdly, it enables your business to bring high-value quality leads into your sales process. Due to better engagement of your prospect, you can significantly increase lead conversion.

Lastly, NeoDove provides your customers with a tailored and customized experience. Not only will telecallers be able to access multiple contact channels easily, your customers’ experience is also much improved.


As you can see, NeoDove’s telecalling dialer has a lot to offer all kinds of businesses. While traditional dialers have their own use, NeoDove offers a much more dynamic experience. 

It ensures that your agents receive a hassle-free telecalling experience. Alongside this, it also aims to provide your customers with quality customer service and support.

For all these reasons, consider investing in NeoDove’s telecalling dialer today!

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