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How To Convince Customers To Buy Your Product

Published on April 8, 2022
Last modified on August 4, 2023

Do you want to increase your sales? Are you searching for ways to turn incoming client calls into possible purchases?

Your search ends here.

In this article, we will take you through some of the most effective ways on how to convince customers. 

Just follow our simple tips and tricks, and you’ll be sure to convince all your customers and clients to buy your products and services in a heartbeat

How to Convince a Customer to Buy Your Product (Top 20 Ways)

As a seller, you provide a wide range of specific products. So, how to convince customers who may be struggling with their final decisions?

There are many competitors out there who also sell similar products. As such, you need to separate yourself from them. Stand out so that these potential buyers turn into your customers.

Here are some great tips that you can incorporate to convince your customers to buy from you:

1) Prepare clear descriptions of exactly what products you offer

You should be specific and to the point. No hidden costs. People like to know as many details as possible to help them make proper decisions.


To convince customers, you should talk up the benefits of your product but keep it honest. Don’t make promises that you won’t be able to keep. 

Establishing alongside maintaining good relationships with your new customers can help you retain them longer. Moreover, they could also turn into ambassadors of your brand!

Furthermore, show visuals of your products. Ensure that you take good photos. 

2) Know the difference between a benefit and feature of your product

A feature refers to something that describes a product, such as what it “is” or “does”. 


Meanwhile, a benefit talks about something that the product has that is of interest or a perk for your customer.

Knowing the difference between the two helps you know when it’s important to highlight each of them. This is especially useful when presenting your product to convince your customer.

3) Provide something that is more than expected (some kind of bonus)

People like bonuses quite a lot. Offering bonuses alongside your product can help build positive emotions around your brand. They help make customers feel elated and happy as well as appreciated. 


As such, your customers can connect these strong positive emotions to your brand. You can add samples, incorporate creative packaging, add a note, exceptional service, etc to convince customers. 

However, remember to be unique and thoughtful, and target your customers appropriately.

4) Emphasize what’s unique about your business

One of the most important ways to convince costumers is to build a reputation for your brand is to set it apart from others. You should keep this in mind whenever you’re trying to convince a customer.


Remember to focus on the unique aspects of the product you are offering. Highlight these features whenever you market them to prospective customers.

Pro Tip: Use your business’ unique features to your advantage and to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In addition to giving your brand its own distinct essence, it will also help customers recall your product easily.

5) Your customers must be well informed about all the terms and conditions relating to your product

Ensure that all these rules are simple, easy to understand, and readily available to your customers. Not only will doing this help convince customers, but they won’t have to spend time looking for them.


So, what should you include in your terms of service/user agreement? Include information concerning general terms of use, taxes and refunds, payments, or membership programs.

These terms serve as an agreement between you both. They protect both your customers as well as your business.

6) Create a strong interpersonal connection with them

Establishing and maintaining a deep personal connection with your customers is highly important. Often, it can be one of the key factors when it cmes to how to convince costumes to make a purchase.


This means giving your customers exactly what they want, i.e., a strong relationship with your brand. Creating and carefully handling this relationship can even convince them to buy more from you.

Furthermore, if they’re satisfied, they can also spread their satisfaction with your service and help convince customers.

7) Allow your customers to decide on the next steps on how to proceed

If you truly want to know how to convince clients, follow the last bit of advice. Utilize the power of psychology alongside autonomy by asking customers certain questions. 


For example – “What are the next steps we can take?” or “What would you like to do next?”

If you do this, you’ll sound less like a salesman and more like a proper consultant.

A sales call has a higher chance of ending up a success. This often happens when the customer feels like they have choices and that their opinion is valued.

8) Don’t hesitate in sharing user testimonials with them

It is a known fact that a majority of customers read reviews prior to buying actual products.


As such, sharing customer reviews can really convince customers about your brand’s credibility. They act as social proof that your product does what it says and does it well. 

A brilliant testimonial can at times even demonstrate how a business’ pain points can be solved. Lastly, they humanize your brand. Everyone loves a good story. 

9) Always be reachable

Be sure to provide the exact name of your company, contact details, and frames when the customers can contact you.


If your business uses social media for communication, use it to stay in touch with all of your customers. It is essential that your customers can easily reach you in case of any issues or concerns. 

Listening to their feedback is sure to help you improve your product. Moreover, this would also help build a very trusting relationship between your business and customers. 

Thus, being reachable is a vital step when learning how to convince customers to buy your product.

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10) Be natural and avoid the overuse of scripts

Something you need to remember is that customers call because they want to have a conversation with a real person. As such, they expect proper responses to their inquiries and questions, even the strange ones.


For this specific reason, you should avoid using readymade conversation scripts. The scripted replies come off as robotic or unnatural to clients. 

Moreover, they create a feeling of an unwanted sale process. 

Customers are always more willing to buy if they form some sort of emotional relationship with the consultant. Remember to be yourself and act naturally to further convince your customers.

11) Use names when talking to your client

Find out your client’s name and slip it into the conversation from time to time. This is very important if you wish to convince clients to buy your products.


Research has shown that people like hearing their name. And as such, they are likely to form friendly relationships when hearing it from the other side.

12) Remember to ask about your client’s well being

If you want to convince clients to buy your service, you should try and ask about their well-being. Do this towards the beginning of the conversation.


Research has proven that sales tend to increase with groups of clients who were asked about their well-being. 

This practice also allows you to begin the conversation on a positive and sociable note.

13) Act on their emotions

It’s human nature to believe that all our decisions are rational. But, to be frank – our emotions influence a lot of the decisions we make.


Emphasize what positive emotions your service or its purchase may lead to. By empathizing with your client, you’re gently steering their emotions towards your target/end goal.

You will see that this method is much more effective at convincing customers than having an objective argument.

14) Prove that your service is far superior than those offered by your competitors

Highlighting the advantages of the service offered by your company is highly important.


Oftentimes, some customers call to investigate the market by asking questions about your service. To be on an even playing field, you have to emphasize that your offer is better. Or even more affordable than your competitor.

If your offer is not in fact the less costly option, it can get a bit harder. However, you can always mention that with a higher price, they receive an even better, more effective service.

15) Leverage Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Even buyers who are undecided, find it hard to let go of a great opportunity. In marketing, this feeling is known as FOMO (fear of missing out). This term refers to a fear of losing their opportunity to buy/do something.


You can utilize this handy psychological trick when you do not know how to convince customers to buy products.

For example, say that there is a limited time offer going on for your service, where clients can get it at a 20% discount.

16) Avoid jargon or complicated language

Speak in simple, clear terms when communicating with prospects. Avoid technical jargon that might confuse or alienate them. 


Use language that resonates with their needs and concerns, making it easy for them to understand how your product can solve their problems. 

By keeping the conversation straightforward, you create a comfortable and approachable atmosphere and convince clients. Thus, fostering trust and a positive impression of your brand.

17) Smile, even though prospects can’t see you

While prospects can’t physically see you, your positive attitude and enthusiasm can shine through your voice and written communication. 


When talking on the phone or responding to emails, imagine yourself smiling, as this affects the tone of your voice and the warmth of your words. 

A cheerful demeanor makes the interaction pleasant and inviting. Building a connection with the prospect can be helpful when you don’t know how to convince customers to buy your product.

18) Appeal to your prospect’s motivations

Understand what drives your prospects and tailor your pitch accordingly. Listen attentively to their needs and desires, and position your product as the perfect solution to convince customers effectively. 


Focus on how your offering benefits them, whether it’s saving time, increasing productivity, or enhancing their well-being. 

By aligning your product with their motivations, you show that you genuinely care about their success and happiness.

19) Utilize case studies and testimonials

Share real-life success stories of customers who have experienced positive outcomes with your product. 


Case studies and testimonials provide concrete evidence of your product’s effectiveness and build trust. Your prospects can relate to the experiences of others, and then envision the same positive results for themselves. 

Highlight specific benefits and outcomes, painting a vivid picture of how your product can make a difference in their lives. Understanding how to convince customers in this way sets the foundation for long-lasting customer relationships and driving business success.

20) Be confident

When learning how to convince customers, it’s vital to show confidence in your product and its ability to meet their needs.


Believe in the value your product brings and communicate this conviction in your interactions. Confidence instills trust and reassures prospects that they are making the right choice by choosing your product. 

Avoid sounding pushy or desperate. Genuine confidence demonstrates that your product speaks for itself and that you stand behind its quality.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    You can convince customers to buy your products by preparing clear and appropriate product descriptions, knowing the difference between product features and benefits, providing unexpected bonuses, emphasizing what’s unique about your business, ensuring customers are well-informed about product terms and conditions, creating a strong interpersonal connection with them, sharing user testimonials, and being reachable and responsive to customer inquiries.

    Testimonials can help increase your brand’s credibility by providing social proof that your product does what it says and does it well. When customers see positive reviews from other customers, it builds trust and confidence in your brand. Testimonials can also demonstrate how your product solves a customer’s pain points, providing real-life examples of the benefits of your product.

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