You have the best team of sales agents who have a high conversion rate and are dedicated to performing under pressure. But somehow your telecalling pitch doesn’t seem to fit. In a situation like this, the next steps you take directly affect your business revenue. 

It’s important to understand that a thoroughly researched telecalling scripts is crucial before conducting or initiating contact with prospects. 


Why Telecalling Scripts are Important

Script for telecalling plays a vital role in increasing sales conversion rates. A customized telecaller script helps convince the customers faster and in an effective manner. In telemarketing, telecallers must have a clear plan about when they are going to call and what they are going to talk about, to ensure the lead flows smoothly into the sales funnel. 

Previously, we discussed the main elements that assist in designing an effective cold calling script. Let’s quickly recall the main points that we discussed so the next time you call a prospect, you’re ready with the perfect telecalling pitch. 

  1. Agents should appropriately understand the product or service they are trying to sell.
  2. Research everything about the prospect – what their company does, their job title, firmographics, whether you have a mutual connection or not, or if you have helped a similar company in the past. 

For all of the needed information, you can research the prospect’s company website, their social media accounts (LinkedIn account, Twitter account being the important ones).

  1. They should build a powerful introduction that would make prospects more interested in figuring out what this person has got to offer.
  2. Intelligently, request permission for their time, this translates into how professional the sales agent is.
  3. State the point of reference, the connections, etc., if there is any.
  4. Use your positioning statement and move to the solution or benefits. (What’s in it for them?)
  5. Draft a good set of precise and open-ended questions.
  6. Establish a product or service need by touching the pain points.
  7. Lead the question during the conversation and answer every objection precisely.
  8. Inquire about the appropriate time for a follow-up call.
  9. Prepare for a convincing call closure that would convince them to consider testing your product or service.

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Effective Telecalling Script Templates

Here are some examples of scripts for telecalling you can use to converse with your customers. Customize it according to your business and customer needs and you’re good to go. 


Telecalling Script 1: SaaS Business

Greeting: “Good morning/Good afternoon (Customer name)”


Introduction: Who are you and where are you calling from?

“Hello, my name is Avi, I am calling from NeoDove. Is this the right time to talk?/ Are you busy at the moment?/ I hope I am not calling at the wrong time”


Purpose of Call:We have a new AI-based solution that can help you keep your sales team productive and perform effectively, whether they are working remotely or in-office. Is that something you’d like to hear more about?”


Elevator Pitch: What is the added value to your customer?

“Our product has helped many businesses empower their sales team by providing them with an intuitive communication and lead management platform which helps in providing calling solutions which maximizes their outbound calling efforts and provides them with other data management solutions and inbound solutions.”

“I would like to ensure that your company is a good fit for what we provide”

“And if you don’t mind, I’d just like to ask you a couple of questions”


The Pre-Qualifying Stage: Now this is the pre-qualifying stage where you ensure that the contact is the right fit for you.

“Do you currently use a tech solution or tool that helps you manage your telecallers?”

“Do you think your current tech solution or tool tackles every obstacle you had?”

“How important is it for you to have more control over the communication process and the productivity level of your sales team?”


The Problem Solving Stage: Now you are going to mention that you have a relationship with several businesses like theirs, then you share some common challenges they faced (pain points) and connect them with your service. Finally, elaborate on how your service helped to overcome these obstacles or problems.


The Closure: You have to get something concrete from this call

“I know you are probably busy, but I’d like to set an appointment for this week to have one of our consultants walk you through the platform. Would Monday at 12:00 pm work for you?

Sounds great (customer name), I’ll set the appointment and send a confirmation email. It was great talking to you and have a great day”

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Telecalling Script 2: Real Estate Business


“Good morning/Good afternoon Sanket”



“Hello Sanket, this is Sunil calling from Address West Properties. Hope I haven’t caught you in the middle of anything. Can I talk to you for a few minutes?”


Purpose of Call:

“I have noticed that you are interested in buying a house in our Delhi project. You filled in a lead generation form, on our Facebook Ad. Would you like to know more about the project?”


The Pitch:

“The project has utilized the land space intelligently to deliver a high-end living experience and a diverse range of facilities and services. Our spaces start from 75 sqm and the home-style varies from studios to apartments, twin houses, standalone villas, and penthouses. And the price range starts from X INR/sqm.


The Benefit:

“We are extremely flexible with the payment method, and we can tailor it based on your needs as well. It’s a great area with a lot of interest at the moment and the properties are getting sold really quickly.”


The Closure:

“If you are interested in learning more about the project, I can book a slot this week to have one of our agents walk you through the different properties we have in the project and you can further discuss the payment methods. Would Tuesday at 10:00 am work for you?”

“Sounds great, I’ll set the appointment and send a confirmation email. It was great talking to you and have a great day”

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Note: The above-mentioned sample scripts should be carefully customized. The customization varies according to your business need, the engagement level with the prospect, and the campaign goal. And it is preferable to experiment and see which script has a better outcome than the other.

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 The Keywords

There are some words and phrases which you can use to empower your script:

 Words expressing courtesy:

“Please”, “Thank you”, “We can help you with that”

 Assuring words:

“You are absolutely right”, “Here is our expertise”, “These are the challenges but no worries”, “I understand your concern”

 Industry-related words:

Use industry-related business terms. (Customize according to your business type).

Telecalling speech writing needs careful attention given to the direction, style of the agent while talking, and the verbiage. And whether the scripts are written for inbound or outbound calls, relying on the above outline will enhance your agents’ delivery style and give them more control over the call. 

Relying on technology to maximize the output of your agent’s efforts can help as well. For example, using a tech tool like NeoDove, which includes questionnaire options, where you can add your script in multiple languages. This gives your telecallers a perfect way to start pitching to the prospects. 

You can also follow it till closure and can fill in your notes throughout the conversation. This ensures more control over the communication process and guarantees a favourable outcome for your business. 

The tool also offers other inbound and data management solutions, which enhances your call value and quality, and increases the productivity of your agents.

Reach us out to know more about how NeoDove can help your business grow.