“CRM” is certainly a buzzword in the business world. 

As a matter of fact, there are many types, and one could spend hours writing about them all! But with so many types available, why shouldn’t there be one designed to prioritize the important function of telecalling

Now, this brings us to the highlight of this article – telecalling CRM

We are going to walk you through exactly what a telecalling CRM is and why you need it if you have a telecalling team. But first, let’s brush off a few basics, shall we?


Telecalling Meaning?

Telecalling is the act of reaching out to people with the objective of selling, collecting information, marketing, reminding, etc., by phone

Terms like – cold calling, outbound calling, inside sales, telesales, telemarketing, and so on are all closely linked to it. In fact, telesales and telemarketing are essentially the offshoots of telecalling.

The question now is, is telecalling still relevant?

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Telecalling Today

Countless arguments surround the subject of whether or not telecalling is dead. Well, it’s not dead. Rather, it has evolved.

Our time is past the point when numbers were drawn at random from piles of papers and dialled one by one. We live in a world where data reigns supreme, and the power of data coupled with the right tool makes methods like telecalling even more powerful. 

Telecalling remains an effective technique, the usage of the right type of software increases its effectiveness even more, and a telecalling CRM is one we recommend for salespeople.


What is a Telecalling CRM and Why Do You Need One?

A telecalling CRM is essentially a platform that is tailored specifically for the telecalling process. It contains only the most important features, without being overly complex like typical CRMs that may have excessive features that may not always be useful.

Telecalling is prevalent across multiple industries and typically, businesses with telecalling teams either rely on manual processes or use multiple tools, neither of which help them achieve optimal results.

Moreover, telecalling entails much more than just making calls throughout the day. It involves effective lead management, customer engagement, performance management and much more.

So, will just a mix and match of an auto dialer, a CRM or Excel sheets generate the results expected? It will only make things more complicated, and this is why using a telecalling CRM is important.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits, which will be explained using NeoDove Telecalling CRM as an example.


Benefits of Using a Telecalling CRM

The power of personalization cannot be denied, and NeoDove Telecalling CRM demonstrates that power to an exceptional degree. 

It comes with an admin portal that is meant for people who are in charge of managing teams, a mobile app for telecallers and a web dialer, which is a desktop version of the mobile app for teams that use regular phones. 

benefits of telecalling

That said, let us now review the benefits of using it through four broad categories:

Streamlined Calling Process

The NeoDove mobile app comes with an in-built auto dialer that eliminates – the need to search through endless Excel sheets, dial each number one by one, and perform other time-consuming manual tasks.

Telecallers can view the details of the leads as well as any information from the previous contact with a lead. They can record responses on a script (customizable from the NeoDove admin portal) and schedule follow-ups and be reminded at the scheduled time.

From viewing the status of the leads to using geotagging and keeping a tab on their performance, telecallers have everything they need at their fingertips through a simple and multilingual interface.

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Integrated Lead Management

Using the admin portal, managers can upload lead files directly from their computer or integrate with platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Just Dial, IndiaMART, etc. to have leads from these sources consolidated onto a single platform – NeoDove.

NeoDove brings you 15+ seamless integrations and the option of distributing leads among telecallers either equally or based on certain conditions. Through the admin portal, tags and states can be customized, and it is via these tags and states that leads can be systematically grouped.

Managers can analyse the performance of their lead campaigns using dashboards that display the status of leads in an easily understandable manner.

It doesn’t end there; NeoDove’s Marketplace offers a variety of other features like SMS automation, IVR, bulk SMS, etc. You don’t have to spend time searching for different providers, you can access value-added services through a single platform.


Multichannel Customer Engagement

We can all agree that incomplete outreach can result in lost leads, which is why NeoDove incorporates multichannel communication and allows telecallers to send WhatsApp messages, SMS, and emails through a single touch directly from the mobile app.

Telecallers can quickly and easily share their message with pre-drafted templates and save time typing or saving someone’s contact information. 


Realtime Team Reporting

Owners, managers, supervisors, and basically anyone in charge can view how the team is performing. Metrics such as call attempts, breaks, average call duration, hourly performance reports and so on can be used to assess the performance of the team.

The mobile app offers a section for telecallers that displays their performance, which includes their total and average call time, how many breaks they took, their login time, etc.

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And What’s The Best Part?

The best customer experience isn’t delivered by a comprehensive platform alone, it also requires human interaction. And NeoDove isn’t just another software company that sells you a product and disappears.

NeoDove’s Customer Success Team goes above and beyond to ensure you are getting the best possible assistance and value from their product and here are so many that agree to it!


So, What’s The End Result?

Together the features listed and unlisted, coupled with an excellent Customer Success Team, help deliver remarkable results such as amplified sales outcomes, a seamless working experience both from the office and from home, and an exponential increase in productivity and business growth. 

But to experience it all, you must try it for yourself!