Telecalling In Renewal Insurance

Neodove- telecalling in renewal insurance

Sales reps often find themselves hung up while speaking to customers over phones. They often become quite boring or bland over the phone while having a conversation and more so when you are trying to sell a service like renewal insurance. Although telecalling plays an important role in lead generation for renewal insurance but more […]

Cold Calling in Real Estate for 2020


Cold calling is an important element in the overall outbound marketing strategy, but again, only one element. Realtors or telesales agents shouldn’t rely on cold calling alone as a complete marketing strategy for lead generation and conversion. Some other examples of outbound marketing that should be considered include, but are not limited to, are Search […]

So is cold calling better or warm calling?

“Cold calling is a complete waste of time. Warm calling is more effective.” “I believe that as a start-up, warm calling is not the best approach. But then less than 1% of cold calls result in sales.” (Source) “Warm calling takes a lot of time, and not all of us have that luxury.”   Okay! […]

How To Design Scripts For Effective Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most commonly used sales techniques, yet it is one of the most difficult ones to master. It is the least favorite amongst the salespeople as it is filled with rejection but it does guarantee success if done correctly. The thing that differentiates between an effective call and not so […]