Why BANT Is Still Relevant Today

Why BANT is still relevant

BANT is a very widely used system that has been in use for several years now for qualifying prospects. However, we might have heard the decline of the BANT system in 2018. But it is not because of the system and more because of the way it was being used.  It has been helping businesses […]

Sales Velocity For Closing More Deals

sales velocity for closing more deals

It is quite evident the more quickly you can convert leads into paying customers, the more successful will be your business. Time is money and the sales metric that reveals the most about both time and money is sales velocity. Sales velocity is a sales metric tool that helps businesses analyze how fast they are […]

Tips for salesperson to Ace Remote Selling

In times of uncertainties thrown at us by COVID-19, remote working has been gaining a lot of momentum. But for salespeople adapting to remote working can be extremely difficult. Especially after getting used to daily face time with customers,having  personal interaction with prospects, or after being the centre of attention as expressive extroverts, and with […]

Ways To Improve Sales During COVID Times?

The corona virus pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries around the world from manufacturing, insurance ,events management, and construction to the airline, retail, travel, and real estate industry. But it is times like these when brands should realize that they have an important role to play in making a difference.  Selling and buying have […]

How to maintain follow-up in Sales

The sales process never ends after the initial contact,the initial elevator pitch, the first meeting or even after the final pitch. It is the follow-up process that seals the deal and then helps you seal yet another deal. We get it that following up might be a true pain process but follow-ups: It creates a […]