10 Benefits of Telemarketing

10 Benefits of Telemarketing

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes     Telemarketing is a useful tool for promoting your products or services and boosting your sales and profits at a low cost. Through the right calls, you can impress your lead and convert them into your customers. Telemarketing requires proper planning, training of executives, and execution of the script for acquiring new customers. Today […]

Cold Texting A Prospect: Best Tips 2020


Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes We live in a digital era where reaching out to existing as well as new customers has become easy due to the presence of digital texting, calling, and so on. But we will discuss the cold texting and how to use the same to reach out to your prospects. Many of us wonder if reaching […]

Lead Qualification : The Missing Link Between Sales and Marketing


Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes The marketing team spends a lot of time and resources for leads generation everyday, then transfers them to the sales team to proceed with the sales. However the sales team often manages to `close the deal with only a few of them. So, what happens with the majority of them? No matter how efficient or […]

How Whatsapp business is used by different industries

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes With more than 180 billion active users across 180 countries,unleashing  over 60 billion messages every day. Single messaging app .Yes! It’s none other than Whatsapp! The way this app has become famous among everyone of us has just one most important reason behind it-” simplicity”. With time ,Whatsapp has diversified itself in various domains and […]

Top 12 Ways To Generate Leads

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes A sales lead refers to either a person or a company who may eventually become your client.He/She is the one who is our potential client. Businesses can gain access to sales leads through various ways such as outbound calling, email marketing, landing pages, trade shows, SEO, social media advertising, word of mouth, etc. What is […]