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How to Get Past the Gatekeeper while Telecalling to Increase Sales

Published on February 18, 2022
Last modified on March 22, 2022
How to Get Past the Gatekeeper

Ravi works as a sales rep and has got the best leads from the team. He has the target of 50 connected calls and 100 dialed calls. His performance has been extraordinary, always meeting his telecalling deadline. But he still struggles to put the leads in the sales funnel.

The reason?

He couldn’t connect with the right people at the right time. There was always an obstacle that prevented him from talking to the correct person.

Cold-calling can be a great way to generate new leads and build relationships. However, there’s a particular character in the process that can be a hurdle between you and the decision-maker – the Gatekeeper. Getting past the Gatekeeper is the most common challenge the sales reps face. But, getting them on your side will do wonders for your sales record.


Who are the Gatekeepers in Sales?

Gatekeepers in Sales

Gatekeepers within a business include receptionists, office managers, admin assistants, secretaries, and a lot many people you aren’t even aware of. These people are the last thing standing in the way of you starting a conversation with your prospect. So, how can you get past these people to optimize your sales result?

By overcoming the obstacles and following some tips from the experienced sales expert you can easily build trust and communicate with your prospects getting past the gatekeepers.


What do you say to gatekeepers?

how to get pass the gate keeper

Many sales reps dread interacting with the gatekeepers. It could be due to the fear of rejection, the communication barrier, or just the initial awkwardness. To avoid that, It’s important to understand that the gatekeeper you’re talking to is also a person who may or may not have the same perspective as you. But that doesn’t mean you refrain from stating your opinion, just do it in a subtle way. The conversation you have with the gatekeeper is extremely important.

The conversation determines whether or not you can pitch your product or service to the right person. Therefore, you have to get it right. They act as a screening tool, carefully eliminating deals or interactions they don’t deem fit to inform their seniors or the concerned person. 

You can establish a positive image by keeping the conversation simple and professional. Getting them on your side will do wonders for your sales process.


Some of the best tips to get past the gatekeepers while telecalling

These helpful pointers will help you to have a clear idea about what to expect and how you can initiate a conversation with the Gatekeepers. But remember, this process takes an immense effort from your end, so consistency is the key. 


Respect and understand their perspective

They are your first point of contact while you’re trying to make a sale, so respect their opinion and understand that they are taking their time out from a busy day. They play an important role in the organization and you don’t want to ruin your first impression by talking rudely to them. 

Show them that you recognize their value, and start the call on a friendly note. Stick to what you say in the beginning. For instance, if you had said, you’ll only take 10 minutes of their time, always try to keep the conversation in between that. If you had said you value their opinion, ensure that you spend more time listening to them rather than talking about your product, service, or your role for that matter. Also, always remember to say thank you and remind them that their job is important by showing empathy. 

Try to be different from other sales reps

Gatekeepers are well-versed with all the tricks in the book of a sales rep. Lying to them is not only putting you in a tight spot but also giving them the wrong impression of your company. 

Show genuine interest in them as a person. Personalize your conservation. If you sound like a salesperson, think like a salesperson, and pitch like a salesperson, they are probably going to send you to voicemail. Then you’re doomed. Therefore, it’s crucial that you customize your conversation accordingly. If you know you’ll be following up with them again, it’s good to take notes on your CRM or a phone to remember their way of talking and interests. 

Be Inclusive

It’s also important to include your opinions in the conversation. Or else, they might think you’re just going with the flow for everything they say. Winning over a gatekeeper might take a lot of time, therefore your inclusiveness and points to touch should be clear even before you start your conversation. 

Add your pointers as the conversation progresses such as – if they ask you to call later, ask them what’s the best time to connect. Include something funny in the conversation like –

“Alright sure, you might actually know more about John’s Calendar than John himself. I’m sure you’re definitely one of the life savers on those busy days. So what time do you suggest I call?

As you can see, framing your conversation creates a lasting impact on the gatekeeper and they tend to open up to you more. 

But don’t pitch to them

It’s very tempting to tell them all about your product or service and how amazing it is. One suggestion – don’t. Just don’t. This will make them feel undervalued and probably make them bored because they don’t have the authority to make purchasing decisions. 

They might not even get the value of the product or service you’re offering. They won’t report your prospect about your call and that would only lead to another Gatekeeper fail. Therefore, refrain from selling your product or service directly to them.

Be polite and professional

The simplest and most overlooked strategy to say the least. If done right, it can do wonders for your sales process, if done wrong, you might lose the lead forever and the adjoining leads associated with the previous lead. It’s important to keep your tone polite and professional. 

People love to be treated with respect and this takes nothing away from you by showing them that you care about their role and responsibilities. Other than that, you should also sound more professional in your approach. Cut the unnecessary small talk and get straight to the point of why you have called. 

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The Bottomline

There’s no magic pill to get past the gatekeeper, but practice and consistency can make you a pro in handling situations where a gatekeeper is involved. The way people buy and sell has changed, it’s high time you change your sales strategy too.

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