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How To Create A Perfect Product Evangelism

Published on August 31, 2021
Last modified on March 19, 2022

Evangelism is a term derived from the Greek word for ‘good news.’ In our modern world, product evangelism explains how a product or service can improve the lives of others. Evangelism marketing is considered the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki, a former chief evangelist for Apple Computers.

The driving force behind the concept of evangelism marketing is a simple fact that individuals want to use a product or deploy a service to make the world a better place. And the most ardent product evangelist is your customer. 

Customers spread the word about your company’s product or services, not for goods or money, but out of pure belief in what it has to offer to the world. This is what in common language we call word-of-mouth.


Evangelism for tech companies

By utilizing evangelism marketing strategies, the technology evangelist builds a following for your tech product or service. This is accomplished by demonstrating the benefits and potential uses of your technology to help others understand how they can use it for their benefit.

If yours is a small or midsized company, including product evangelists in your marketing strategy to help your sales force can save most of your commercial budget.

But what is a product evangelist? 

Put simply, a product evangelist is an individual who promotes your business without profiting from it. Moreover, we should remember that people at all levels within an organization can become product evangelists, including stakeholders, executives, investors, managers, and colleagues. 

In order to be successful with evangelism marketing, you need to ensure that your team is deeply committed to and understands the value of your product and that they are able to communicate this value and belief to others.

We now have an opportunity to spread the word about our product using social media, so let’s take advantage of this.


How can you help your team communicate your business values and beliefs to others?

  • Create a product vision and share it with your team, for example, show them where you see your product in the next 2 years.
  • Share the credit. Make your team view the product as their product, and not just yours. They, too, have made an extraordinarily strenuous effort in bringing this product to life.
  • You created this product because you wanted to help people somehow. So there was a pain point that led you to create this product, share the story behind this customer pain you are addressing. 
  • If you learn something new or encounter a problem during a user test or a personalized demo, share this new finding or learnings with them.
  • Learn how to give a successful demo. But remember you are not teaching them how to operate the product, you are trying to show them the value of the product. 
  • Show them that you have done your homework, by being an expert on your market, knowing your competitors and keeping up with relevant trends.
  • And finally, be genuinely excited about promoting your product.

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Evangelize your product

Make Something Great

It’s really hard to evangelize something meaningless and with absolutely no benefit. So to be an effective product evangelist, find or create a valuable and differentiated product or service.

Learn to give a demo

After finding or creating a great product or service, you need to acquire the ability to do an equally great demonstration. This is what helped Steve Jobs become one of the world’s greatest product evangelists for Apple.

Ethics in business, maintain them

“Is your product or service truly good for the other person?” – There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no! Apart from the fact that lying is ethically and morally wrong, evangelists never lie about the features and benefits of a product. 

They know what they’re doing and believe in it. So to evangelize a product, have some intellectual honesty, even if it involves telling people that your product or service is not good for them.

Connect with your target audience

Today, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ has made product evangelism easy, fast, and free. So use these platforms to connect with your customers and reach out to potential customers quickly and effectively. 

Listen to their concerns and help to tackle them, answer their questions, share information and analysis, provide assistance, and offer value to them. You can do that through live videos, webinars, sharing infographics, and so on.

Let them a test drive

Product evangelists believe that their potential customers are smart and they know that their products are really good, so they are not afraid of letting people try out their product or service, before buying it. 

Especially for tech tools and software, potential customers don’t really fall from the bludgeon of ads and promotions. They prefer to comfortably test the product and then decide for themselves.

Customize your customer service

Customizing your customer service makes your customer want to come back again because it creates a sense of reliability and credibility. It makes them feel like they matter to your business. So get to know them well, engage with them regularly and thank them for choosing your product or service.

Maintain consistency

Dedicate a company representative or an account manager to a number of customers. They should keep track of information related to your customers, their current status, their transactions, and other relevant info. This way you can better serve them and show them they are valued to your business.

Provide easy accessibility 

A good level of accessibility means that even customers short on time can still easily access a great service experience. And the more you are accessible, the more you can interact with your customers. 

Create profiles on different platforms, provide contact information, and an email and use every possible means that customers use the most, to meet customers where they are when they need you, and on any device.

Ignore the disbelievers 

There is really no point in wasting your time, if a person doesn’t get or believe in your product or service.

Product evangelism is not about selling, nor is it self-promotion. It’s sharing the best of what your company has produced to help others benefit from it. And if you have got something great to offer, exhibit it. Be aware that evangelism marketing is also a responsibility that falls to everyone involved with the product. 

Flawlessly demonstrate how people can use your product and communicate the value behind it. Enable potential customers to notice, test-drive, and feel comfortable using your product. And let them decide whether they should try your product or service or not.

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