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How Remote teams are using NeoDove to drive business

Published on May 4, 2020
Last modified on December 7, 2022
remote teams

Everyone faces difficulties when confronted with a new set of challenges. Several difficulties arose when COVID-19 forced companies to switch to remote working for the very first time. 

For a majority of people today, remote teams might seem like a very normal concept. However, when it was first implemented, it didn’t sound so normal. From the management of tasks to maintaining productivity and sustaining the business, an enormous amount of obstacles needed to be overcome by companies.

To handle such uncalled for situations, it was imperative to adopt tools that would streamline processes and ease the burden of coping with obstacles. In such a time of crisis, NeoDove Telecalling CRM has proven to be invaluable to remote teams.

In this article, we’ll explore how NeoDove is helping businesses optimize their telecalling and sales engagement processes, as well as helping remote teams stay productive.


How NeoDove is proving to be a boon to remote teams

Today, Neodove is trusted by thousands of users across multiple sectors. This comprehensive yet simple telecalling CRM packs in the key features that remote teams need to stay focused and accomplish their sales targets

Below are some of the ways in which it proves to be a highly effective tool for telecalling and sales engagement. 


Improved Accessibility and Flexibility

NeoDove telecalling CRM is a web and mobile-based platform that provides 24/7 access to lead and task information from anywhere.

With NeoDove, businesses don’t have to alter their operational processes to conform to the platform’s capabilities, rather the platform is tailored to suit their needs.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Through the mobile app, remote teams don’t have to rummage through multiple Excel sheets or piles of papers and dial each number one by one or go through the hassle of remembering who to follow up with or where they noted a lead’s information.

All of this and more is simplified with NeoDove. Through the auto dialer, they do not have to dial numbers manually and after every call, they can send a WhatsApp message, email or SMS with just one touch. Furthermore, they don’t have to keep track of every follow-up, all they have to do is set the date and at the time the follow-up is due, they will be notified.

As a result, not only will they avoid the chance of missing a lead, but they will also be able to maintain a smooth engagement with leads and customers, thus enhancing customer engagement.


Integrated Lead Management

No matter how many leads you are dealing with, it is essential that they are handled in an orderly manner as each lead is greatly important to a business and each lead comes with a price. 

Given the enormous importance of leads, it is imperative that businesses manage them well. With NeoDove’s lead management system, you can upload your leads directly from your computer or integrate with popular sources such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, IndiaMART, Just Dial, etc. to have all the leads consolidated into one platform.

Managing leads on a single platform does not only eliminate the need to sift through multiple sheets or platforms, but also reduces the likelihood of manual errors. Furthermore, you can assign leads directly to your team without delay.


Real-Time Call Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting is key to managing remote team well and NeoDove has the perfect solution for it. You will have all the necessary metrics required to assess your remote team’s performance.

From the number of calls made to the average duration of the calls, all of it can be viewed by both the manager and the telecaller. These metrics can be viewed in real-time; the statistics will show what is happening in real-time without the need to solely rely on the team members’ words.


Increased Productivity and Sales Outcomes

With the calling process automated and the chances of error due to manual interventions minimized, remote teams can devote their time to completing their tasks and engaging with leads and customers.

All the features work in tandem to help sales teams achieve maximum results and businesses achieve greater sales growth.


Dedicated Customer Assistance

Along with its technical capabilities, NeoDove is trusted by thousands of users due to its unflinching dedication to customer success. 

From onboarding to resolving queries and everything in between, the Customer Success Team ensures that every company that onboards makes the most of the platform and achieves greater results.  


So, where do we go from here?

Through this article, we’ve just touched the surface of what’s possible. There is much more to NeoDove, and if you are looking for great results for your telecalling teams (no matter where they work from), you are just a product demo away!

Book yours today! 🙂

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