How Remote teams are using NeoDove to drive business

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Everyone faces a little difficulty when exposed to a new set of challenges. And with COVID-19, many companies and for the very first time, were forced to expose their managers and employees to remote working. With remote working on the upswing, and it is likely to become the new norm, companies are still expecting their employees to perform at the same level, no matter where they are located. So obstacles that will challenge remote working, are bound to arise.

But companies retooling themselves with software and services to help managers deal with this rapid change management and to empower remote workers to stay productive and grow professionally. Let’s explore how NeoDove has helped sales teams and contact centers overcome obstacles and challenges that have to do with organization and productivity.

NeoDove is an agile communication and leads management software that is trusted by many remote teams to bring their operations online on a live dashboard. It is a budget-friendly and an easy-to-use desktop platform and app. The AI-supported digital space empowers your remote team with up-to-date and relevant information in real-time with robust conversational coverage. NeoDove has also helped dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group, manage their employees and customer relations successfully.


The super intuitive and beautifully built platform is both a mobile app and web-based, which offers 24/7 accessibility from any location and at any time.

And with NeoDove, businesses don’t have to alter their business processes to meet the platform’s functionality, rather the platform itself can be tailored to meet the business’s operational needs.


The platform offers a mobile-based tele calling app system for outbound calling communication, allowing faster prospect and customer reach. This reduces the tele calling agent’s dialing and response time and increases efficiency.

It also features a script building section that helps you provide a better customer service experience. You can build a script with potential conversation direction, important questions to ask, and you can research and record information related to the prospect, which will help you in creating value during the conversation and makes the calling process highly productive.


Managing big data can be difficult. Especially with leads coming from various sources such as social media, company websites, and other listing platforms. And a lot of time and effort is being wasted to manage them manually and even sometimes in the process, agents lose track of them.

But with NeoDove’s lead management system and its integration capability, you can integrate the platform with various social media channels and listing platforms. This ensures that no lead ever goes wasted. You can download files related to leads status instantly and keep track of the approved, assigned, and rejected leads and also of those which haven’t been approached yet.


With the call monitoring system, the platform records relevant data and information about prospects in real-time, allowing quicker monitoring and analysis. This provides the tele calling agents with complete insight into the customer journey. And later on, during follow-ups, agents can access this data in real-time when in contact with the prospect, to add more value to the conversation.

The call monitoring feature also helps managers keep track of their agent’s performance. They can monitor what they are doing in real-time, how many calls they have conducted, and get alerted if somebody takes more breaks.


When managing a team remotely, complex tasks, feedback, cross-team collaboration, communication, and productivity can get really messy. But with NeoDove outbound calling tool, managers can track and measure the performance of their team through the user report feature. They can monitor how many calls each agent conducts, how many leads they close, and how much they spent during each call. Managers also have more control over the workflow distribution, where they can prioritize and assign leads based on agent availability and skills.


When working with remote teams, feedback is equally important as collaboration. And with the platforms in-built user report feature, it automatically monitors and records the tasks carried out by the remote teams. And through this managers can keep track of the team’s performance and provide them with the necessary feedback accordingly.


For effective re-engagement, you can automate call-backs for follow-up, based on the date and time set by both the agent and the prospect. Teams can also send timely SMS notifications in a completely agentless mode.


NeoDove outbound calling tool is integrated with AI technology for smart data management and to improve the customer service experience. The AI-driven system records every call conducted by the contact center agents and cross verifies with the data gathered by them. It removes any junk data, evaluates any deviations in the calls or any background noise. All of this helps to avoid the risk of any human error in the agent’s everyday tasks.

For a happier workforce, satisfied and delighted customer, substantial productivity, and resilient business operations, businesses will proactively shift towards arrangements to provide their employees with the right tools when working from home. But keep in mind that the only way to achieve higher performance is to couple effective team management with the right tech tool.


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