The telemarketing sector has developed rapidly during the previous five years, and industry analysts predict its total revenue will reach $28 billion by 2022. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the contact center sector employs around 540,000 people annually due to call center operations and technology developments. Profits will accrue to the industry due to the expansion and progress of the business sector. Keep reading to get to know the best telecaller app for your business.


How to make your telemarketing more effective?

Telesales is not synonymous with telemarketing, and the latter is when you attempt to launch and shut down a company over the phone. Effective telemarketing methods might assist you in gaining the confidence to sell.

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Prepare ahead:

Before you begin telemarketing, determine your objective. You may acquire email addresses for smaller and medium-sized enterprises as the first point of contact (whoever answers the phone).

Create a script:

Once you’ve identified your objective, you may construct a little screenplay or series of scripts to aid you in achieving it.

Reduce your speed and maintain clarity:

Inexperienced cold callers tend to blurt out their scripts rather than deliver them in an understandable way to the other side.

Prepare to communicate:

The opposing party may interrogate you, so make a point of addressing their issues directly. We would not have to write much more about telemarketing if it were as simple as calling a number, waiting for an answer, and hanging up.

Anticipate hearing no or no, thank you:

To be honest, it may be even more impolite at times. Avoid being disturbed. However, sometimes a “no” is just a “no”.

Taking care of the keeper:

Typically, employees are advised not to contact their supervisors or directors, and they are often told not to provide information over the phone.

Always exit politely:

Always express gratitude to the person on the other end for their time, regardless of whether you got what you requested. If you are not pleasant, obtaining what you want may require many calls.

Always pick up the phone:

Keep your promises. If possible, send it promptly. The sunset rule: do not wait till the end of the day to do it!

Perfection requires practice:

Making telemarketing calls may be challenging at first, but persevere even if someone says ‘no.’ You are not in a worse position than before.

Observe the law:

The majority of countries do not regulate commercial telemarketing. Before you begin phoning, check with your local legal advice.


10 best outbound telecalling app

A selection of the most effective telemarketing tools now available on the market is provided in the following section. Additionally, a comparison chart of the top ten best outbound telemarketing software solutions is provided to assist you in making an informed and unambiguous decision on which telecalling software to choose from.

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1. NeoDove

NeoDove is one of the best and most efficient telecalling software available to businesses at the moment, both small and medium. With comprehensive solutions that allow you to use technology to transform your leads into sales through enhanced CRM easily, NeoDove is the best telecaller app that perfectly combines operational efficiency and value-based CRM.



It’s easy to use, although it has many features. Custom sales scripts help qualify and discover calls, and visual and editable sales funnels help you monitor results. Its desktop software works on all browsers, and its mobile app works on Android and iOS.


3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a 2012 telemarketing, collaboration, and communication software. The team collaboration, communication, and management solutions are comprehensive, and it offers CRM, file sharing, calendaring, and project management.


4. EVS7

Dallas introduced EVS7 telecalling software in 1993. Phone dialer software can triple your productivity and calls, the company claims. This solid telemarketing solution builds consumer trust and helps businesses succeed.


5. PhoneBurner

Outbound calling and lead generation are made easy with PhoneBurner. PhoneBurner imports lead, records voicemails, and emails select contacts to call and dial. It also aids in relationship building and sales growth.

6. Vocalcom

Vocalcom is the most advanced AI-powered Call Center for multichannel customer integration. Client interactions also include digital engagement and AI, consolidating all customer interactions.


7. CRM CallPro

Phone marketing, sales, and lead generation are possible with CallPro CRM. Better communication and monitoring with a full account view. Call productivity can be increased by using progressive dialing and social media tools.


8. Calltools

Calltools is the fastest-growing telecalling software that helps you reach more customers for less. Other strong third-party solutions like Debtpay pro and Zoho are integrated. It also has a webphone that connects directly to the dialler for incoming calls.


9. Five9

Five9 is a customizable cloud telemarketing solution. Agents can provide excellent customer service—Omnichannel, routing, analytics, CRM integration, open platform APIs, etc.


10. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft’s Sales Engagement Platform simplifies internal sales processes to interact with customers and complete transactions. Improve Lead Quality, Reduce Guesswork, and Shorten the Sales Cycle are four productivity techniques. It also aids process improvement.


Best VoIP apps for businesses

Look no farther than these top 8 VoIP applications for business in 2022.

1. Dialpad

Accessible via Dialpad’s softphone or mobile app on your computer or phone (a call center platform exists).


2. AppCloudTalk

CloudTalk is an online sales and support phone system. This VoIP phone service is for businesses looking to improve customer service or sales. CloudTalk can connect to CRM and e-commerce systems.


3. Google Hangouts

You can make internet calls with Google Voice. It’s possible to create virtual calls with Google Hangouts, but Google Voice provides a free phone number.


4. Freshcaller

Freshworks’ Freshcaller is a phone system and contact center. Freshcaller’s mobile VoIP software allows you to call and raise tickets (it seems pretty contact center-focused).


5. Grasshopper

This is a cloud-based VoIP phone system and app for small businesses. Using the mobile or desktop interface, you can call or SMS.


6. Line 2

This gives you a second phone number on your phone or computer. It runs on Windows, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, and it’s not inadequate for VoIP software and primary calling.


7. NetFortris

NetFortris is a unified communications platform with desktop and mobile VoIP capabilities. There is no SMS/MMS or HD video conferencing, but voicemail transcription and call recording are included in the most basic plan (more expensive than Dialpad).



With the help of other marketing methods, telemarketing is employed to create a sale or do market research. Telemarketing is not the same as telephone sales (though the terms are confusingly often interchangeable in literature). As long as you stick to a plan and work hard to enhance your abilities, you can quickly become an expert telemarketer with the best telecaller app in 2022.