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Top 10 Online Platforms For Hiring Telecallers

Published on June 22, 2022
Last modified on September 12, 2023

10 Popular Platforms For Hiring Telecallers You Should Know

As you can see, telecallers can play quite an important role in contributing to the success of a business. In fact there are two main types of telecallers – sales and marketing agents and customer service.

The role of sales and marketing agents is to convince people to buy your products over the phone. They are generally given targets and are responsible for bringing in regular business.

Meanwhile, it is the duty of  customer service telecallers

to attend to your customers’ issues and resolve any of their concerns.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 platforms for hiring telecallers:

1) Indeed

Indeed is a very popular site if you need to hire a telecaller. It enables individuals to select job postings from thousands of employment firms as well as websites. Moreover, you can search through available job openings based on keywords, industry, level of experience and more.


Naukri allows individuals to find the job that’s right for them.When hiring for telecallers, it also offers employers a range of qualified applicants to choose from. Furthermore, it allows for free registration.


As far as freelancing sites are concerned, Upwork is probably one of the most well known for hiring telecallers. Not only is it a convenient place to get started, but it also offers a large number of job opportunities when it comes to hiring telecallers.

4) Just Jobs

Just Jobs is a site designed exclusively for entry-level job seekers and is 100% free and fully featured. Moreover, when hiring for telecallers, it offers an easy platform for employers to look for potential telemarketing and telecalling employees.

5) Truelancer

Truelancer is an online platform established with the goal of building a strong community of talented and trusted freelancers. When hiring telecallers, employers can easily use this platform for any job as per their requirements.

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    6) Fiverr

    Fiverr is perhaps one of the most well known online marketplaces for freelance services. You can easily apply for jobs or post job listings and receive near instant responses. It is also quite helpful when it comes to hiring telecallers.

    7) Quikr

    Quikr is a renowned online classified platform in India. It offers a dedicated section for job listings, including hiring for telecaller roles. Employers can post job openings and connect with potential candidates.
    Moreover, job seekers can search for telecaller positions based on their preferences and apply directly through the platform.


    LinkedIn is a global professional networking platform that provides opportunities for employers to hire telecallers and other professionals. It allows companies to create detailed job postings, target specific talent pools, and even directly message potential candidates.
    Furthermore, LinkedIn’s vast user base makes it a powerful tool for hiring telecallers with diverse skill sets and experiences.

    9) Hirect

    Hirect is an emerging job portal focused on entry-level and junior roles. It simplifies hiring telecallers by using AI technology to match job seekers with suitable positions.
    Employers can post job listings, and the platform recommends candidates who meet the job requirements.


    Freshersworld.com primarily caters to entry-level job seekers and fresh graduates. It’s an excellent resource for hiring telecallers who are at the beginning of their careers.
    Moreover, employers can post job openings and target fresh talent looking to start their journey in the telecalling industry.

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    How To Hire Telecallers (Steps For Hiring Telecallers)

    When hiring your telecallers, several factors need to be considered. Telecallers should be able to explain the company’s product or service and address customers’ concerns at a moment’s notice.


    Moreover, they should know how to explain solutions while empathizing and gently re-directing them down the sales funnel.

    Not to mention, all of this has to be handled over the phone. It is a must for them to have outstanding communication skills. . Furthermore, they should be able to multitask as well as possess the necessary telecaller skills.

    As such, a lot of thought goes into the process of hiring telecallers.

    Step 1 – Define Your Requirements

    When hiring telecallers, clearly outline the qualifications, skills, and experience you’re looking for. This will help you attract candidates who are the best fit for your business.

    Step 2 – Use Effective Hiring Platforms

    Utilize online job portals, professional networks, and industry-specific platforms to advertise your job openings for hiring telecallers. Tailor your postings to attract potential telecallers.

    Step 3 – Screen Applications

    When hiring telecallers, review resumes and applications to shortlist candidates who meet your criteria. Look for relevant experience, qualifications, and a track record of success in telecalling or related roles.

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      Step 4 – Conduct Structured Interviews

      Develop a set of standardized interview questions to assess candidates consistently. Use interviews to evaluate their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit with your organization.

      Step 5 – Test Telecalling Skills

      Assess a candidate’s practical skills by conducting a mock telecalling session as part of the process for hiring telecallers. When hiring telecallers, you should provide a script and observe their ability to engage with potential customers or clients.

      5 Ways To Go About Hiring Telecallers

      When it comes to hiring telecallers, hiring skilled telecallers is essential for your business’s success.


      Let’s explore five effective strategies to simplify the process when hiring for telecallers:

      1) Classified Ads in the newspaper

      Newspaper Ads, the classified pages specifically, are especially helpful in allowing you to reach and hire the right telecaller.

      Tip – Craft an attention-grabbing ad highlighting job benefits to attract potential telecallers.

      Make sure you publish your ad on weekends. Statistics show that it will be more effective these days.

      2) Through social media advertising

      In these modern times, a large number of your potential callers are on social media. In this sense, this is one of the best ways recruiters can reach them.

      Tip – Leverage social platforms’ targeting tools for precise reach and engagement with job seekers. Note: You can ask your digital marketer to make the ad.

      So, social media platforms become the best place to post your ad regarding hiring telecaller. Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. can be used.

      3) From campus placements

      Colleges often have a lot of dynamic as well as skilled individuals with time on their hands. So, this can be an effective method of hiring telecallers.

      Tip – Partner with educational institutions to tap into fresh, motivated talent.

      Here, you can even carry out campaigns, workshops or seminars. All of these techniques will help you pick the best candidates for the job.

      4) Word-of-mouth

      Word-of-mouth is a method revolving around interest in your company’s service. It is one of the world’s fastest-spreading methods of communication.

      Here, you can tell all of your contacts, including your friends about the job opportunity. Additionally, you can describe its requirements in detail. Following this method will almost guarantee you get a perfect telecaller.

      Tip – Encourage referrals from your current team to discover candidates with insider knowledge.

      Furthermore, you can even create WhatsApp or Facebook groups by adding stories to them.

      5) Recruitment via an agency

      This strategy has been proven to be one of the best ways of hiring telecallers.

      Tip – Collaborate with a specialized agency to access a pool of pre-screened telecalling professionals.

      In this method, an agency keeps a list with several employees as well as candidates on it. Through this, you can also list your job post.

      Then, a recruiter will call and interview them. These agencies are perfect as they can hire a lot of applicants based on your exact requirements.

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      Why are Telecallers important?

      Telecallers are considered a vital part of many businesses around the globe and are quite a in demand.

      Many businesses are interested in hiring telecallers to improve lead generation and increase sales. Thus, if you’re interested in increasing business revenue, you should definitely consider investing in it.


      Moreover, it is the telecallers responsibility to carry out cold calls. Telecalling allows for collecting a lot of information. Additionally, you can also use it to market your company’s products or services.

      Furthermore, it is the telecallers’ responsibility to find new sales opportunities via inbound, and outbound calls, email, messaging, etc.

      Likewise, they also need to maintain a database of all their communication with current and prospective customers. They are responsible for entering, verifying, and also backing up all this data in the computer system.

      They must be equipped with all the information needed to answer queries from customers regarding company products.


      Telecallers are those individuals who are responsible for promoting your business’ products and services. Furthermore, they do this to a large number of people – over the phone.

      As such, when hiring telecallers, it is vital you hire only the best for the job.

      Overall, with help from this article, you will now be able to pick out the best candidates for your business.

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