There are two kinds of people. 

People who excel in every interview and people who know the basics but still give a substandard performance. And, telecalling job is a hard nut to crack. 

Telecallers are responsible for connecting with customers directly or calling existing customers to offer them discounts and various promotions. 

Telecallers majorly work to meet sales targets and in some companies, they are even paid commissions. 

Let’s know more about tele caller job profile, the interview questions, and the skills required for this role in this article.

What is a telecaller job?

When it is about interviewing a person for a telecalling job, the candidate has to show they have self-control and have great ability to multiply the sales in the given period of time.

An employer has to be careful with applicants who do not have proper phone etiquettes or are not fluent in their particular language. 

Here are a few important telecalling job interview questions that one must know. They are essential for both employers and applicants. 

But before we get into questions, you must know that the major criteria of passing the telecalling interview is having good communications skills. As the telecalling rep will be directly in contact with prospects and existing customers, so fluent verbal language is crucial. 

An applicant has to be confident and clear with whatever they are sharing with clients. 

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Telecaller Job Description

A tele caller job not only plays a vital role in lead generation but also helps in customer service and retaining more customers. 

A tele caller’s job description could include the following points and more:

  • Acquire new customers through inbound calls, outbound calling, or email. 
  • Understanding customer needs and answering their queries related to products or services. 
  • Work with other departments of the organization to close more deals.
  • Connecting with prospective customers through their preferred means of communication. 
  • Explain the features and benefits of the products and services to a prospect. 
  • Follow the telecalling script to deliver the perfect pitch while talking to a prospect. 
  • Acquire required customer information for the further sales process.

Telecaller Interview Questions

Here are the top 8 telecaller interview questions you must prepare for:

Telecalling Job

1. What is your long-term career goal? 

Usually, many employers tend to ask this question when it comes to telecaller work. This question helps an interviewer to reveal whether the applicant is interested in working with the sales department or not and are ready to put their best efforts into providing a great return of your training. 

The applicant has to set his/her career goals to ensure whether they are ready to work in sales or not. 

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2. How can you deal with an angry customer? 

This is the major part of every telecalling job, as the telecalling rep is the one who gets directly in contact with customers, so they must know how to deal with them when they are in anger. Usually, there are many customers who do not agree with the points a telecaller is providing, so they often get furious. 

This particularly helps an employer to see the ability of an applicant to handle stress. Handling angry customers is not an easy task, so a telecaller must know how to deal with angry customers with a calm mind. 

3. What types of calls do you expect from the company and how do you deal with inappropriate issues? 

This question helps an employer to see how prepared an applicant is. A candidate must know what kind of calls they are expected to get in the particular company. This shows preparedness. 

A candidate must know details about the company and have a clear idea about what they are going to sell to their customers. 

Also when an employer asks about handling inappropriate issues, it involves angry customers, customers asking irrelevant questions, and more. 

By asking a candidate this question, it helps an employer to know about the ability to deal with such customers who are not showing much interest in the products or services. 

4. How can you handle unreasonable requests from customers? Also, tell some examples related to it.

As we know customer service skills are an important part of telecalling, so asking such questions helps an employer to check the customer skills of a candidate. 

Being a candidate, one must demonstrate customer service skills to get eligible for the job. 

5. What will you do to meet performance standards? 

By asking such a question, an employer gets to know how efficient the candidate will be. Also, it shows a complete balance between quality and efficiency. 

Meeting performance standards is a key of telecalling jobs, so one must know that they are liable to meet the quality of every call and also fulfill sales targets. 

6. Can you describe how you will sell our products? 

Being an employer, it is important to hire a candidate who is ready to gather every knowledge about the products the company is selling and has great sales ability. 

An employer can always ask a candidate to show a demo on how they would sell the products to the customer over the call. 

7. How can you engage customers over the phone? 

A company must hire a candidate who has great communication skills and creative thinking ability. This would help in better customer engagement. 

These telecalling skills are important for a telecaller as they are the first person who gets in contact with customers. 

8. What information do you need from a customer who is ready to buy the product? 

A candidate must be aware of the complete sales process and knows well how to close the deal. One must know the needs of customers and in relation to that offer the products of services. 

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Telecaller job responsibilities and skills

Telecalling Job

Here are a few telecalling skills, that one candidate must have who is applying for the telecaller job:


A caller must have a clear objective before they call prospects or existing customers. One must know what they have to talk about and what information they have to provide. 


A telecaller has to be prompt and positive. He or she has to answer every question immediately that a customer asks for.


It is the most important telecalling skill that a telecaller must have. As a telecaller has only a few seconds to build rapport with customers, they must start the call with courtesy. 


When a telecaller is calling a customer, they are representing the company. Having complete knowledge about the company is important. 

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Wrap Up 

The above guide on telecalling interview questions and telecalling skills are an important part of sales. No matter if you are having a small business or a large one, the above article will help you best in hiring the best candidate for the job. 

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