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Top 8 WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools in India

Published on October 18, 2022
Last modified on December 15, 2022
Top 8 Whatsapp Marketing Software in India.png

Did you know that over 2 billion WhatsApp messages are sent everyday?

With communication through WhatsApp being so popular, it’s no wonder so many businesses have begun considering WhatsApp marketing tools. 

By investing in the right  marketing software, many businesses have been able to expand their reach. In fact, these software tools have helped many organizations grow and boosted their customer base.

In this article, we will examine the most popular WhatsApp marketing tools in India. Alongside this, we will also look at things you should know before sending Whatsapp bulk messages.

8 WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools in India You Should Know

With WhatsApp marketing software, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Each of these options come with their own unique set of benefits that can help your business become successful. 

Here is a list of some of the best WhatsApp marketing software in India:

AiSensy can be described as a WhatsApp CRM, Chatbot and marketing platform. The platform offers businesses complete WhatsApp engagement alongside official WhatsApp Business APIs. 

It even comes equipped with a multi-agent shared inbox so that you can easily work with other team members.

AiSensy enables businesses to carry out WhatsApp broadcasting and automate reminders and notifications. In addition to this, it also provides live chat on multiple devices and lets you integrate WhatsApp chatbots. This in turn proves useful for automating your sales and customer support processes.

  • WATI

WATI is an official WhatsApp API partner and customer support tool. It allows customers to apply for the WhatsApp Business API through them. 

Alongside this, it allows your sales, marketing and customer support teams to send bulk messages and broadcasts. It comes equipped with a no-code chatbot builder to help automate your customer responses. 

WATI is a good customer support tool for B2C businesses of all sizes when it comes to responding to customers. Moreover, it has its own CRM created specifically for WhatsApp.

  • Interakt

Interakt is a WhatsApp marketing software built on an official WhatsApp Business platform. It aims to help transform conversations into commerce and help grow your business. 

With this software tool, you can sell and engage better with your customers. Through Interakt, you can share catalogues at scale as well as automated notifications. 

Not only this, but you can also send bulk messages and track campaign analytics. It even provides your business with green tick verification and a multi-agent team inbox.

  • Whatso 

Whatso is a WhatsApp and SMS marketing platform created to help small  businesses easily deliver transactional messages. It is very user-friendly and acts as a complete marketing solution. It optimizes efficient contact and campaign management. 

Whatso even has a WhatsApp inbox for viewing all your incoming messages. It effectively allows you to connect to customers across various different channels like WhatsApp and SMS. This is very helpful in simplifying your business’ sales and marketing needs.

  • WhatsTool

WhatsTool is a WhatsApp marketing software tool that enables your business to grow on WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp Business API, you can reach customers through the web as well as your mobile device. 

You can even filter chats based on campaigns, tags and attributes for smart agent routing.

WhatsTool comes equipped with a range of useful features. For example, chatbots, bulk messaging, integrations, automated notifications, etc. The platform provides you with everything you need to chat with and engage your customers all in one place.

  • Rapbooster

Rapbooster offers a WhatsApp marketing solution aimed at startups and small enterprises. The platform allows you to easily manage your data, send customized messages to customers and more. 

You can even achieve a wider and more targeted reach by sending personalized messages after adding multiple sender IDs.

Rapbooster has features like button message, auto chat bots, Wapp API and a number filter. The application allows you to share unlimited videos, photos and other files. All of these features help you make WhatsApp marketing much more efficient.

  • Veepar

Veepar is a WhatsApp marketing software that acts as a WhatsApp Business web application. It comes equipped with CRM features and aims to help businesses automate their business processes. 

With a WhatsApp Business account, you can collect more leads and quickly respond to customers.

Veepar is a free tool that supports quick replies to customer queries and allows you to save media and messages. It enables your business to build e-commerce stores, create reports, run surveys, set up business pages and much more. Thus, improving the quality of your client interactions.

  • Zoko

Zoko acts as a central hub for all of you WhatsApp communication news. Its all-in-one system allows you to use WhatsApp API to carry out sales, marketing and customer support over WhatsApp.


Their dashboard provides the ideal experience for prospects as well as customers while nudging them towards a sale.

With Zoko, you can provide sales, marketing and customer support all from one WhatsApp number. It even allows you to scale your WhatsApp number. This is helpful in driving more revenue for your business.

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Things You Should Know Before Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has introduced certain features to promote high-quality bulk messages while also protecting users from spam. Here’s what you need to know before sending bulk WhatsApp messages:

  • Business verification

Firstly, it’s not necessary for you to have a verified business with Facebook to use WhatsApp API for marketing. However, without verification, your messaging limits are quite low. 

As such, it’s recommended that you verify your business with Facebook before beginning bulk messaging via WhatsApp.

  • Phone number tiers 

The number of recipients you can bulk message using the WhatsApp API is dependent on your phone number tier. The higher your tier level, the more unique contacts you can message within a 24-hour time period.

There are 4 main messaging tiers:

  • Tier 1: You can send messages to 1,000 individuals per day
  • Tier 2: You can send messages to 10,000 individuals per day
  • Tier 3: You can send unique messages to 100,000 individuals per day
  • Tier 4: You can send broadcast messages to an unlimited number of people on a daily basis

If you want to send bulk messages to a large audience, you’ll have to upgrade your WhatsApp phone number tier. 

How do you move up different messaging tiers?

Every business begins at Tier 1, and aims to move up the tier levels with time. The goal of every business is to reach Tier 4. However, not only is this quite challenging, but Tier 3 can also meet the majority of your promotion goals. 

In order to increase your limit, you must first have an above-average quality score. If you’re currently sending 1000 messages per day, then you aim to send more than 2000 messages per week.

This shows that your business is consistent without sending spam-like messages. Once you accomplish this, your account will then move onto the next tier within 2 days.

  • Quality rating of your API number

Quality ratings play a vital role in bulk messaging on WhatsApp. A bad quality rating can negatively impact your business’ ability to send bulk messages on WhatsApp. 

Say an individual receives a message from you as a result of your bulk messaging campaign. If they were to report your number, your quality rating would get negatively affected. This could later result in your number’s status getting flagged.

Once flagged, you have to improve your API number’s quality rating in a week. If not,your account may face some negative consequences.

  • Phone number status

In order to send WhatsApp bulk messages without any restrictions, your phone number status is marked as ‘Connected’. 

As you now know, when your number is blocked or reported, your quality rating drops. Alongside this drop, your number status will be marked as ‘Flagged’. 

While flagged, you won’t be able to upgrade your number’s messaging tier. If you fail to improve your quality rating within 7 days, your number will return to connected status. But, a lower messaging limit will be applied. 

If your number reaches its messaging limit when it has a poor quality rating, it will be ‘Restricted’. A restricted phone number can only reply to inbound messages. You won’t be able to send any WhatsApp bulk messages to new contacts. 

To maintain your phone number status and a quality rating, only share relevant high-quality content to your contacts. 

  • Bulk WhatsApp messaging charges

It’s important to remember that WhatsApp charges you per conversation, and not per message. This means that you have a 24-hour window after sending any message.

Your aim should be to get a reply from the person you’re conversing with within those 24 hours. If you do, then you won’t be charged anything for it.

Moreover, WhatsApp also charges you less if the conversation is user-initiated (UIC) as compared to a business-initiated one (BIC).


Overall, there are a wide variety of WhatsApp marketing tools for your business to choose from. Each of them come with their own unique benefits that help make your WhatsApp marketing more efficient. 

Alongside these tools, you should also keep in mind the above details before you begin sending Whatsapp bulk messages. Remember that consistency and quality-content is the key to effective WhatsApp marketing.

Now that you have a good understanding of how these different tools work, you just have to pick the one that’s right for you.

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