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Send WhatsApp messages after every call, with just one touch!

Ensure complete customer engagement by sending WhatsApp after every call – connected or not connected.

Why send a WhatsApp message after a call?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 2 billion monthly active users globally. While your leads and customers may not always be available to answer your calls, their likelihood of checking WhatsApp messages is 99%. With NeoDove, you can send WhatsApp messages directly after each call without saving the prospect or customer’s phone number.

Boost your customer engagement with WhatsApp integration

Now ensure holistic customer engagement by being where your customers are. Use NeoDove to connect and stay connected with your leads and customers.

Save time and effort

Easily contact leads and customers on WhatsApp without saving their phone numbers.

Enhance engagement

Keep in touch with your leads and customers and share important updates and information.

Get better results

Brand awareness is increased by interacting across multiple channels, and eventually, conversation rates improve.

Increase efficiency

By reducing time spent on redundant tasks such as saving numbers one by one, users can focus on the critical ones.

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Enhance your customer engagement

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to messaging, sharing photos, videos, voice messages, and so on, WhatsApp is the go-to app that is free, secure and easy to use. Also, WhatsApp has an open rate of 99%; your messages are highly likely to be seen by your prospects and customers using this platform.
WhatsApp is more versatile than SMS, that is, you can send photos, videos, audio files, gifs, etc. all free of cost.
NeoDove lets you send a WhatsApp message directly from the mobile app after every call. Bulk WhatsApp, however, is not included in the standard plan; this is an advanced service you can purchase via our Marketplace.

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