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10 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Published on January 5, 2023
Last modified on January 31, 2023
10 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies You Should Know l NeoDove

Did you know that in 2022, WhatsApp recorded a user base of 2 billion monthly users in over 180 countries? 

WhatsApp is now officially the most popular text messaging platform in the world.

Initially, people mostly used WhatsApp for connecting with their friends, family and loved ones. However, with the growing user base, businesses quickly recognised the incredible marketing potential of this app. 

With time, businesses started building their WhatsApp marketing strategies too. In fact, it’s now said that if you’re not marketing on WhatsApp, you’re not marketing at all.

In this article, we will delve into WhatsApp strategy and why your business needs a good WhatsApp marketing strategy. We will also help you learn how to build a WhatsApp strategy of your own and much more.

Why should you use WhatsApp Marketing for your business?

By now, you must have grasped how WhatsApp has incredible marketing potential.

If you own an SMB, you should be marketing on WhatsApp and there are many reasons why. The first reason is that you need to engage with customers on a platform where they’re most active. 

Why should you use WhatsApp Marketing for your business l NeoDove

As you know, people engage more with multimedia content. Thus, social features like stories or statuses can help you a lot in your business. Combined with the fact that WhatsApp‘s such a popular text messaging platform, you have the ultimate marketing channel. 

This is only further enhanced by your business using a strong WhatsApp strategy.

In India, businesses can highly benefit from using WhatsApp as a marketing channel. It will be much easier for SMBs to connect to their target audience. You really can take your marketing to new heights with WhatsApp!

The user base of WhatsApp is also growing in other countries. So, if you’re serving the domestic and international markets, WhatsApp would be quite a good choice.

Another reason to make the most of WhatsApp’s marketing strategy is because of WhatsApp’s open rate. Every WhatsApp user opens the app at least once a day. So, you can rest assured, your customers will surely get your offer messages.

Benefits of having a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Customers generally trust brands which are easy to connect with, especially on chat platforms. In fact, 53% of customers say that they would buy from companies that can be reached via chat. 

As such, a sound WhatsApp strategy is key to strengthening your relationship with customers and growing as a business.

Benefits of having a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy l NeoDove

Here’s how you can benefit from building a strong WhatsApp marketing strategy:

  • Better relationships with customers

Since 53-55% of customers prefer brands connected with a messaging app, WhatsApp marketing is essential. Even more so, you can build more profound relationships with your customers through this app. 

Consequently, you can cut the costs of acquiring new customers because you will have more loyal customers. That means you will have a good customer retention rate. 

Remember that customer retention is up to 5 to 25 times cheaper than acquiring new customers.

  • Higher conversion rates

It is important for you to choose the right channel for initiating a conversation with your customers. For example, if you constantly call your customers about products or services, they would get frustrated. If you send too many emails, they might just mark you as spam.

In such scenarios, WhatsApp is the perfect channel to nudge your customers towards making a purchase. 

Up to 40% of customers answer their WhatsApp messages and messaging drives conversion rate. Also, messages after an initial conversation drives up conversion by 112%.

  • Better sales

WhatsApp marketing can work like real magic to boost your sales. According to statistics, you can get 27% more sales leads just by adding your brand’s phone number to the website. 

When customers find an easy way to contact any brand, their trust increases. That happens especially if you use WhatsApp as your primary communication channel. 

Around 66% of customers feel better about making a purchase if the brands are available on messenger apps like WhatsApp.

  • Lower cost of Marketing

Even if you consider WhatsApp Business Pricing or WhatsApp API costs, it is still affordable. WhatsApp charges nominal costs from businesses to send bulk messages. This is a great scenario for all SMEs.

In fact, if you have just launched your SMB, you can just feel things out with WhatsApp strategy. The WhatsApp Business App even allows you to send individual messages for free, while showcasing your brand!

10 Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies (Examples and Ideas)

  • Create Broadcast Lists

First, you segregate your audience based on specific criteria. This means you create contact lists based on specific audience segments or topics. 

Once you have these lists, you can go ahead and send one-way communications. This communication is specifically meant for one or more audience segments.

You could always add links or offers in your text messages. Broadcast lists are a helpful WhatsApp strategy to send your audience updates about brand things they might be interested in.

  • Use Group Chats

One great feature of WhatsApp is group chats. With it, you can bulk message a group of many people, generally your customers. You can also receive their feedback or insight on the same group chat.

If you have specific groups within your audience, you can make individual groups for them too. This helps you provide exclusivity to every customer group. Moreover, group chats are a great way to encourage customer-to-customer interaction. 

  • Offer Customer Service over WhatsApp

Most SMEs struggle with offering live customer service. In fact, it is quite a luxury. But, you can overcome this challenge easily by using WhatsApp. 

This WhatsApp strategy can help you address and resolve customer queries easily.

You can even provide personalized customer service to your customers by providing multimedia content. Live-video help or tutorials are also ways that you can offer customer service on WhatsApp.

  • Ask for Feedback

Rather than calling up your customers to ask for feedback, just drop them a WhatsApp text. Many people might get annoyed at frequent calls. So, the best WhatsApp marketing strategy to engage customers and get their feedback on recent purchases. 

You could send questions or surveys for your customers to answer or fill out. This way you can conduct market research without having to spend anything! 

Moreover, WhatsApp messages have such a high open rate you can rest assured that people would respond to your messages. 

  • Personalize communications

If you are utilizing WhatsApp marketing in the best possible way, you would see your groups growing. As your groups grow, personalize your interactions with individual customers by having one-on-one conversations.

If you own a small business, this would be especially helpful. If you directly message customers, they can bring their questions or problems as well. With this WhatsApp strategy, you can provide faster customer support.

  • Make use of the WhatsApp Status feature

It has just been a while since WhatsApp released its Status Update feature. Yet, now it is a feature that people love and use often. 

You can use WhatsApp Status Updates to your benefit. Start by sharing your promotional codes, coupons and discounts with customers to redeem during checkout.

These promotional codes can be of anything – a one-day event or a flash sale that you are hosting. This is one WhatsApp marketing strategy that you can have great success with.

  • Use the WhatsApp call feature

It is not always possible to solve every customer query over text. If a customer faces some issues with using a product, you should be able to call them and explain. This is part of good customer service.

WhatsApp has got you covered for this as well. All you have to do is avail of the WhatsApp phone call. You can directly connect with your customers over a phone call and help them resolve any issues they’re having.

  • Partner with other businesses as well as influencers in your niche

Collaborating with businesses or influencers in your niche helps you reach a wider audience. 

Even if you collaborate with businesses outside your niche, you can still participate in more WhatsApp group conversations. This helps with more brand awareness and greater brand visibility.

  • Create ‘Quality’ Content

This is quite a no-brainer. Without quality content, you might reach success with good marketing strategies. But then, your success would stay the same and you’d be unable to see any growth in your business.

One of the basic foundations of any good WhatsApp strategy is quality content. 

On WhatsApp, your messages need to be brief, powerful and original. Your content should be able to resonate and connect with your audience.

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  • Use Third-Party Analytics

Similar to every other marketing campaign or strategy, the most important part of WhatsApp’s marketing strategy too, is analytics. 

With third-party analytics apps, you can track and analyze your traffic. That way you will know how to optimize and fine-tune your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp for Your Business l NeoDove


Just like WhatsApp has evolved from a messaging app to a social media platform, so should your marketing efforts. 

WhatsApp strategy plays a key role in the growth and development of any business. As such, it’s crucial for you as an SMB owner to start incorporating WhatsApp marketing strategy into your business. 

WhatsApp is a very versatile marketing platform. With it, you can share multimedia content and offer the best customer service to your audience. Moreover, it can help increase your brand visibility too. 

With all these useful tips, you can now effortlessly optimize your WhatsApp marketing strategy. Lastly, always remember to track your analytics too to help your business grow!

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