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10 Unique WhatsApp API Benefits You Need To Know

Published on January 11, 2023
Last modified on January 31, 2023
10 Unique WhatsApp API Benefits You Need To Know

Did you know WhatsApp is the go-to messaging app for over 1.6 billion users around the globe? 

Quite impressive, right? It’s no wonder every next person is on the platform. In this day and age, life without WhatsApp would be pretty unimaginable. 

What started out as a simple text-messaging platform for connecting with people, was quickly adopted by businesses too. If you are not sure why that is, it is because of the immense marketing potential. 

WhatsApp benefits and can help businesses grow in several different ways. From communication to providing customer service, to order updates, WhatsApp really is the platform that can do it all!

In this article, we’ll explore all the unique benefits that WhatsApp API offers for businesses across industries.

What is WhatsApp API?

The first thing to note is that WhatsApp API is not an app like WhatsApp. It can be defined as a platform that helps SMEs scale their sales and provide quality customer support over WhatsApp. 

What is WhatsApp API l NeoDove

If you are looking to engage a vast audience over WhatsApp, WhatsApp API is your answer. 

Earlier businesses would need BSPs or Business Service Providers to get access to WhatsApp API. However, after Facebook took over WhatsApp, it allowed businesses to gain access to WhatsApp Cloud API without the need for BSPs.

WhatsApp API is not a platform or application that WhatsApp offers. It is more like a tool that serves your business in multiple ways. 

What is WhatsApp Cloud API?

Cloud WhatsApp API is nothing but the cloud version of WhatsApp API, that is, the WhatsApp Business API. 

What is WhatsApp Cloud API l NeoDove

The WhatsApp Cloud API allows businesses like yours to build on top of the platform. Cloud WhatsApp API also allows you to improve your business’s customer support.

With the WhatsApp Cloud API, you can respond to customers easily and quickly. That is because businesses can now get approval for Cloud WhatsApp API directly from Facebook. Furthermore, WhatsApp Cloud API allows you to engage with your customers seamlessly.

10 Unique WhatsApp API Benefits For Your Business

WhatsApp API can be a very useful asset to help your business grow and strengthen customer relationships. Overall, WhatsApp API can benefit your business in many different ways. 

Here are 10 unique ways WhatsApp API can Boost your business:

10 Unique WhatsApp API Benefits For Your Business l NeoDove

1) Provides you with global reach 

Over 2.2 billion people from more than 180 countries are active on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is most popular in countries like India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the US and more. India tops the list in the most active WhatsApp users in the world.

Since such a vast audience is already on the platform, you can reach out to people globally. Thus, this makes WhatsApp the most accessible marketing channel for your products and services, that too on a global level.

Regardless of location, you can target audiences all over the globe easily through WhatsApp and WhatsApp Cloud API.

2) It’s the best platform for 2-way communication

55%- 60% of customers prefer to engage and purchase from a brand that has text messaging as the primary communication channel. Without previous communication with a brand, your target audience most likely won’t purchase from your brand. 

WhatsApp API gives you the opportunity to connect and build good relationships with your customers. Customers can connect with you and ask you their queries. This facilitates two-way communication which will help in the growth of your business.

It is extremely important for customers to be able to engage with brands as this builds loyalty. Most customers would not buy from a brand with poor communication or customer support.

3) Creative Communication

The days are long gone when people had the time or interest in reading long paragraphs on advertisements. What your messages need to be is appealing. They should spark an interest in your audience and they should want to engage with your brand. 

You could create multimedia content like a short 30-second video or an image or a brochure. Statistics show that creative content helps increase the click-through rate (CTR) by a hefty 250%!

SMS does not allow multimedia content and emails have a low open rate. Thus, the best way to get your message across is via WhatsApp using WhatsApp API.

4) Affordable and saves time

Not all marketing channels would fit your budget. If you have just launched your business, you would still be in the process of growing it. It would be too risky for you to invest a lot of money into a marketing channel that is expensive.

With WhatsApp API, the last thing you need to worry about is money. It is the most affordable platform to showcase your brand and its products and services. There are two charges for Cloud WhatsApp API – the WhatsApp API Provider Cost and WhatsApp charges.

Since WhatsApp Cloud API allows you to send messages to your customers in bulk, you will also be able to save time.

5) 24×7 Customer Support

67% of customers buy from only those brands that offer good customer service. 

As your customer base grows, you might not be able to attend to your customers instantly. This is why you need to opt for Cloud WhatsApp API. This is the perfect platform through which you can provide real-time support to your customers.

Whether your customers have queries or complaints, you can sort out their problems by one-on-one live conversation on WhatsApp. Using the WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Cloud API, you will be able to provide constant customer support.

6) Personalized messages to your customers

Around 71% of customers feel frustrated when they don’t have a personalized shopping experience.

The best platform through which you can personalize the shopping experience for all your customers is Cloud WhatsApp API. Creating personalized templates for different kinds of messages to your customers is a great way to start.

Another important way to personalize messages is to include multimedia content, like emojis, pictures, videos etc. These make the messages more appealing  to your customers.

7) Build a strong online presence for your brand

Out of 10 people, 7 of them purchase only from a brand they trust. 

For new customers, how do you convince them that your brand is credible? The best way to do that is by getting your brand verified on WhatsApp.

The green tick will help you establish a strong brand identity for your audience. It is a direct confirmation from the app that your brand is reliable. 

Whenever someone sees your brand on WhatsApp, the green tick will convince them that your brand is trustworthy. Moreover, with the green tick, your brand’s name will show up instead of the number. This is true even for people who haven’t added you to their contacts.

8) Skyrocket your sales with messages with Clickable buttons

WhatsApp API can help increase your sales conversions by up to 3 times. Furthermore, with WhatsApp Cloud API, you can make your message more actionable by putting in Clickable buttons.

Clickable buttons are nothing but clickable CTAs and Quick Reply buttons which make customers engage with your brand. 

Besides Clickable buttons, you can also put multimedia content like pictures, videos, emojis etc in your messages. These make customers engage more.

Besides these, a green tick beside your brand name really helps your brand appear more credible to customers. They are more likely to purchase your products if your brand is verified on WhatsApp.

9) Guarantee user’s privacy with end-to-end encryption

It is not usual for customers to be worried about their security and data privacy. Since brands often ask for details like phone number, address, UPI IDs during checkout, customers need to be vigilant. 

In fact, 87% of users won’t engage with a brand about whom they have security concerns.

As the owner of a brand, you must consider the needs of your customers. That means you must be mindful of which platforms you are using for marketing and whether there is enough security. 

If you are operating on WhatsApp, you can assure your customers about their privacy and security. That is because this platform offers end-to-end encryption on every conversation.

10) CRM integration for Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications are those messages which get sent automatically. 

The use cases for such notifications are when a customer makes a purchase, a payment etc. Most businesses sent such notifications via email or SMS.

If you own an SMB, you should consider sending such automated notifications over WhatsApp. It will help you greatly enhance your brand identity. 

Moreover, WhatsApp’s open rate of 98% will also make the customer engage more. You can send automated notifications on WhatsApp to your customers by integrating it with a CRM

WhatsApp benefits have a very positive impact on businesses across industries. If you integrate WhatsApp API with a CRM like NeoDove, you’re sure to get higher open rates and conversions!


In conclusion, you must now understand how WhatsApp is one of the best marketing channels at present. WhatsApp API as a communication and marketing channel for businesses is very effective and considered a valuable tool.

WhatsApp benefits businesses in many ways, be it revitalizing marketing or helping boost sales. If you have launched your brand recently, you should consider getting WhatsApp Cloud API. 

With WhatsApp API, take your business to the next level, in terms of sales, customer engagement and more!

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