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A Guide On How To Send OTP Through WhatsApp

Published on August 15, 2023
Last modified on August 16, 2023

Have you ever used a one-time password (OTP) to log in to your account or verify a transaction?

While it’s very popular, did you know that SMS OTP authentication may not be as secure as you thought?

But, no need to worry! Many businesses are now beginning to send OTP through WhatsApp. So, you can relax as your transactions and logins have become much more secure now.

In this article, we’ll explain how sending OTP on WatsApp works and how to send OTP using WhatsApp API.

So, let’s dive in and make your digital adventures both secure and entertaining!

How to send OTP Through WhatsApp

You know those special codes that pop up on your phone to make sure you’re you? They’re called OTPs, and guess what? You can send them through WhatsApp! 


Let’s explore two simple ways to send OTP through WhatsApp:

1) Sending OTP on WhatsApp using a Shared Number

Got a number you share with others? No worries! When a website or app asks for an OTP, choose the option to send it via WhatsApp. You’ll get the code as a message. Just be sure to keep it a secret to stay secure!

2) Sending OTP On WhatsApp with a Dedicated Number

If you’ve got a separate number for WhatsApp, awesome! Just pick the WhatsApp option when asked for an OTP. You’ll receive the code in a WhatsApp message. 

How To Send OTP Through WhatsApp API with a Dedicated Number

Want to take your OTP game up a notch? You can send OTP through WhatsApp API, and here’s how!

Step 1: Set Up the API Connection

First things first, to send OPT on WhatsApp, you need to connect the WhatsApp API to your system. It’s like plugging in a superpower to your computer. This connection lets you send OTPs through WhatsApp seamlessly.

Step 2: Configure Message Templates

Next, create message templates for OTPs. Think of these as the magic words that make the code appear. Make sure they follow WhatsApp’s guidelines, and you’re all set.

Step 3: Generate and Send OTP

When it’s OTP time, your system will generate a code. Then, using the API, it’ll send the code and your template as a WhatsApp message. It’s like a digital messenger delivering your secret code in a snap!

Step 4: Handle Delivery Status

Lastly, keep an eye on the delivery status. You’ll want to know if your code reached its destination – just like tracking a package. If all’s well, you’re good to go!


3 Things You Need To Send OTP Through WhatsApp API

It’s important to note that for sending OTP on WhatsApp, you need to first apply for the WhatsApp API and get approval on your own number. 

Once your number gets approved, you’re good to go and can start sending OTP on WhatsApp.



However, there are a few prerequisites you will need before you start sending OTP on WhatsApp API:

1) WhatsApp Phone Number

Think of this as your messenger’s hotline. A dedicated WhatsApp phone number is essential to send WhatsApp OTP messages. It’s like a secure channel that carries your important codes straight to the recipient’s device.

2) Business Display Name

Your business display name acts as a friendly introduction. When users receive your WhatsApp OTP messages, they’ll see this name. It’s like a digital handshake that builds trust and familiarity.

3) Facebook Business Manager ID

Your Facebook Business Manager ID connects your business to the magic of sending OTP on WhatsApp. To verify your Facebook Business Manager account, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

How does WhatsApp Business API facilitate sending OTP through its platform?

Curious about how WhatsApp makes sending OTPs easier? Imagine WhatsApp Business API as a reliable helper that streamlines the process. 

Firstly, you create a message pattern, a bit like a template. This ensures your WhatsApp OTP messages are well-structured and follow WhatsApp’s rules.

Then comes the star of the show – the WhatsApp Business API. It acts like a special connection between your system and WhatsApp. When you need to send a WhatsApp OTP, your system talks to WhatsApp through this connection.

Next, your users receive the OTP through WhatsApp. It’s like a digital key that ensures secure access.

Want to know the best part? The whole process of sending OTP through WhatsApp API is automatic. Whether you’re sending one WhatsApp OTP or many, the WhatsApp Business API handles it seamlessly.

Benefits of Sending OTP Through WhatsApp 

There are various advantages that come with sending OTP through WhatsApp. It’s like adding an extra layer of magic to your security process.

Some of the main advantages of WhatsApp OTPs are:

1) Enhanced Security

When you send OTP through WhatsApp, you’re ensuring top-notch security. The WhatsApp API encrypts your messages, safeguarding your sensitive codes effectively. 

2) Convenience at Your Fingertips

When you send OTP through WhatsApp, it’s like delivering a secret key straight to your users’ pockets. The WhatsApp OTP message pops up instantly, allowing swift access to the code. 

3) Interactive Features

WhatsApp isn’t just about messages – it’s an interactive playground. Sending WhatsApp OTPs through it allows you to leverage buttons and quick replies. This means users can interact with businesses and even confirm their codes with a simple tap, enhancing the user experience.

4) Increased Trust

Sending OTP through WhatsApp adds a touch of trust to the equation. Your users are familiar with the platform, and receiving WhatsApp OTPs here adds an extra layer of credibility to your process.

5) Cost-Effective Solution

Sending OTP through WhatsApp is also smart for your budget. Sending OTP through WhatsApp uses internet data instead of SMS. In thai way, it’s also cost-effective. 

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    Sending OTP on WhatsApp – Use Case Examples

    Let’s now explore how sending OTP on WhatsApp can be useful in various scenarios:

    1) User Registration

    When signing up for a new account, WhatsApp OTP steps in as the guardian of your digital identity. By sending OTP through WhatsApp API, your registration process is made seamless.

    2) E-commerce Checkout

    Imagine you’re shopping online. When you’re ready to pay, a secure OTP arrives on WhatsApp. Moreover, sending OTP on WhatsApp API ensures your transaction is safe, quick and secure.

    3) Banking Security

    Banking gets a boost with WhatsApp OTP. When you make a transfer or change details, an OTP arrives. Sending OTP on WhatsApp API ensures this process is secure and immediate, putting your mind at ease.

    4) Password Reset

    Forgot your password? No worries! WhatsApp OTP is here to rescue. When you request a password reset, you can send OTP on WhatsApp. It’s like a digital key that lets you unlock your account once again.

    5) Transaction Verification

    Making important transactions? WhatsApp OTP adds a layer of security. When you authorize a transaction, you can send OTP on WhatsApp. It’s a digital signature that confirms your consent. 

    WhatsApp OTPs vs Traditional SMS OTPs: What are the differences?

    There are various differences between WhatsApp OTPs and the traditional SMS OTPs. Some of the biggest differences are:


    1) Speed and Reliability

    When you send OTP through WhatsApp, your code arrives almost instantly. But with traditional SMS OTPs, network congestion can sometimes cause delays. Thus, WhatsApp API ensures speedy and dependable delivery.

    2) Interactive Engagement

    WhatsApp OTPs bring interactivity to the table. Think of buttons and quick replies that make confirming codes as easy as a tap. However, traditional SMS OTPs miss this interactive charm, often requiring manual input.

    3) Security and Encryption

    WhatsApp OTPs come with an extra layer of protection – end-to-end encryption. Your codes stay confidential. In comparison, traditional SMS OTPs might not offer the same level of security during transmission.

    4) Familiarity and Trust

    Receiving OTPs through WhatsApp feels like a trusted friend’s message. Users are comfortable with the platform, making the process more trustworthy. Traditional SMS OTPs might raise concerns about spam or unknown sources.

    5) Automation and Efficiency

    Sending OTP on WhatsApp is like flipping a switch – it’s automated and smooth, regardless of the quantity. Traditional SMS OTPs could require more manual effort, potentially consuming more time and resources.


    In the world of secure communication, sending OTP through WhatsApp emerges as a modern and efficient method. 

    With this guide, you’ve unlocked the secrets to seamlessly utilize the WhatsApp API for sending OTPs. 

    WhatsApp OTPs, equipped with end-to-end encryption, elevate security levels, while the automation ensures swift and reliable delivery. By sending OTP on WhatsApp’s platform, you’ve added a user-friendly touch to your security arsenal. 

    Remember that sending OTP through WhatsApp is not just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage that blends convenience with enhanced security!

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Absolutely. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures OTPs are delivered securely, safeguarding sensitive information from any unauthorized access.

    Yes, you can. With the WhatsApp API, you can automate the process, sending OTP on WhatsApp efficiently and seamlessly.

    WhatsApp OTP enhances user engagement, boosts trust, and offers secure, instant code delivery. Its user-friendly platform elevates your security strategy.

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