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Drive Better ROI with Bulk SMS Campaigns

Opt for bulk SMS marketing to send messages to several leads in bulk. Instantly reach the customer’s device without any hassle.

What is a bulk SMS campaign?

Bulk SMS campaign is a marketing technique where many SMSs are sent to the same or similar sets of recipients simultaneously. These messages can be sent with one goal, such as selling a product, and contain information about that product. It is an effective alternative for saving cost, sending thousands of small text messages on one go, increasing brand awareness, as well as gaining new customers.

Broaden your reach and engagement with bulk SMS campaigns

Reach your customers instantly with effective bulk SMS marketing

Reaches Instantly

Bulk SMS is ultra-fast and instantly reduces the mobile devices of your customers seamlessly. You don’t need to worry about messages being delivered anymore.

High Readability

Text messages have 97% of readability. You can achieve this level of efficiency with bulk SMS marketing without having any trouble.

High Conversion

Since the readability rate is higher, the conversion rate is also higher. You can get consistent business growth by leveraging bulk SMS marketing.


Bulk SMS is very affordable, low cost, and has a higher ROI, making it a sustainable option compared to other marketing methods.

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Deliver 100% Instant Bulk SMS in No Time

With NeoDove, Connect with your clients in new ways, such as through active participation in bulk SMS campaigns. It adds more value to customer engagement than simply transaction-based interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Bulk sms enables telemarketers to send mass text messages worldwide, and the delivery is instant. Therefore bulk sms campaigns are crucial for businesses to reach a specific audience.
Bulk SMS use cases are vast. Some industries include advertising, automobile, airlines, banking, ecommerce, education, logistics, finance, real estate, and event management companies.
The open rate in email is just 20%, while SMS has a 97% readability rate. So yes, Bulk SMS marketing is worth it for your business growth. Plus, the sheer number of smartphone users is unbeatable.
No, compared to other marketing methods, bulk sms campaigns are very affordable.
It depends on who you are sending it to and the network routing of messages. Some bulk SMS takes 15 seconds to deliver, while others may take up to 3 minutes.

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