Real-time Data Analytics

With the in-built real-time data analytics functionality, NeoDove allows you to access customized reports across all key functions to facilitate informed decision making. Identify the areas of concern and take corrective actions immediately to maximize your profits.

Accurate lead reports

Access detailed reports on anything and everything related to your leads. You get to know the number of calls made, pending calls, calls reassigned and follow-up calls. This will help you know the exact status of your leads in the buyer journey funnel.

Real-time Data Analytics

Team Status

Know what your callers are upto – every single minute from the time they log in to logout. You get notified when they are going to a break time, coming back and also if they have extended their break time without informing you.  Track and monitor the activities of respective teams to ascertain as and when any interventions are required.

Call Details

Calls details

With NeoDove’s dynamic interface, you can readily gain access to the information regarding calls made and can check the duration of the calls.

Customized Reports

NeoDove allows you to access customized reports across a number of functions like at User level, Campaign level, calls made and many more. With real-time data available at your fingertips at all times, the efficiency of the decision making is enhanced manifolds.

Customized Reports

Lead Funnel

You can now get to know the number of leads as per the buyer journey funnel- Open, converted or connected to give you a sense of how your business is performing. You can also see the leads on basis of Tags- Hot, Warm and Cold.

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