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Enable enhanced engagement with leads through social media integrations

Leveraging the power of social media is crucial. What’s also crucial is that you respond to your leads as soon as they contact you. With NeoDove, ensure that you miss no lead!

Why is social media integration important?

Social media channels are ideal for attracting your target market. A failure to make full use of these channels may result in missed opportunities. On the other hand, if you are actively running campaigns on social media, failing to respond to leads right away after they contact you will dim the likelihood of converting them. With NeoDove’s social media integrations, get notified as soon as leads make contact and have them assigned to your team without any delay.

Sync and manage all your leads in one place

Make sure no time is wasted in getting in touch with a lead. Sync all your lead inquiries to NeoDove and manage them all in one place.

Save Time

Spend less time assigning leads and more time communicating with them.

Greater Convenience

With all your leads routed to one place, manage them more efficiently.

Improved Productivity

Improved workflows and exchange of information ultimately lead to improved team productivity and efficiency.

Increased Opportunities

By contacting leads as soon as they inquire, a greater number of opportunities can be realised.

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Never miss a lead with NeoDove

Frequently asked questions

Social media integration is a term used when various social handles are unified into one place. This type of integration or unification allows teams to access social information to gain insight into their customers, improve service, and engage them more effectively.
Integrating social media can help you achieve a number of key objectives, including enhancing brand awareness. Moreover, it will help you to build a stronger audience on social media and intensify engagement.
The same information is available to everyone within your team when social media data is integrated directly into your CRM. Hence, you can provide support based on an individual customer’s interaction history.
Social media APIs provide a way for third parties to access media content and functionalities provided by social media platforms, which they can integrate into their websites and applications.
The leads will sync in real-time in one place, allowing you to assign them to your team without any delay. It provides you with both a compiled report as well as individual reports of the campaigns that you run.

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