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Explore more options with third-party API integration

Have access to popular platforms like Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT with NeoDove’s third-party API integration.

How does third-party API integration work?

Third-party API is an interface that allows you to access data from different platforms you’re already using or want to leverage the benefit of any popular application within a centralized platform. NeoDove provides third-party API integration for Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT, and more so that you can use the services while managing your sales process.

Experience smoother sales workflow with third-party API integration

Save time and increase efficiency by implementing a centralized platform with easy access to other applications with NeoDove.

Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to leverage the benefits of IVR, cloud telephony, virtual number, and more in one unified platform, without having to worry

Integromat Integration

Automate workflows with this unique integration that allows you to connect and move data between apps without any manual intervention.

IFTTT Integration

With IFTTT automation tool you can connect apps and devices to do specific things you may not get access to with other platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

Your data is stored in a centralized database, although while integrating with third-party APIs your data is shared with them, that doesn’t mean your data is susceptible to leak. By creating a private API key, sharing it with your developer, you can keep your data safe and secure.
Not entirely. Some services, such as IVR and virtual number services are separately charged, whereas some services such as Bulk SMS and SMS automation services are completely free.

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