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Multi-tasking Made Easy with Google Sheets Integration

Import data from Google Sheets directly to NeoDove. Experience enhanced productivity through hassle-free integration.

Why is Google Sheets Integration important?

A lot of fresh lead data is stored in Google Sheets. This integration helps to minimize the manual importing process which takes away your sales team’s precious time and efforts. With NeoDove’s Google Sheets integration, there is no time wasted on manually entering data or creating a new Sheet altogether. You can directly import volumes of lead data without any hassle and manage everything in one place conveniently.

Boost sales performance and team productivity

Connect your Google sheet with NeoDove through our integration and automate workflows to ensure maximum sales productivity.

Automate lead storage

Import leads from Google sheets directly and store them in a centralized database for easier lead management. Consolidate leads based on priority and improve sales efficiency

Real-time lead data

Store and manage lead data in real-time. Never miss a lead again, store all your leads status and campaign-wise and qualify them as prospects.

No code required

Easy no-code integration for your Google sheet to be imported into NeoDove dashboard.


Get notified through SMS whenever a new lead is added and keep track of each lead’s progress in your sales funnel.

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Frequently asked questions

Google sheet integration in a sales management or CRM tool means that you would be able to integrate Google sheet with the platform and can access every information as you did in the sheet. You can directly import data from your Google sheet into NeoDove’s dashboard.
Here are some of the main reasons why it’s important to integrate Google Sheets with your CRM – You can update data automatically in both places and synchronize all changes, you won’t need to manually enter information again and again, and it will help you save time on data input, decrease errors and ultimately increase efficiency.
Integrations reduce the need to use different platforms for different requirements, therefore increasing the productivity of the sales agents when they work on one platform.
When you want to add your existing Google Sheet’s data to NeoDove, all you require is the URL of that Sheet and map properties as required. Note – The Google Sheets data is only added to NeoDove, not synced in real-time.
NeoDove provides most of the popular integrations, however, you can request a custom integration and our team of professionals will get it done for you.

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