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Access lead information in real-time

Get real-time lead data for most of the integration in NeoDove. Being a centralized platform you can have access to lead data anytime you want.

Why is capturing real-time lead data important?

Real-time lead data is important to reduce lead response time and help your sales team to get to understand the leads’ pain points as soon as possible. The more information your sales team gets, the more you get the opportunity of better conversion.

Get real-time lead data before calling your prospect

Have access to all lead data in real-time to understand your prospects’ pain points better and provide them with a well equipped solution.

Actionable Insights

Reduce the waiting time by getting real time lead data directly in NeoDove’s dashboard.

Proactive approach

Take a proactive approach towards your customer engagement strategy by getting information about your leads beforehand.

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Frequently asked questions

Having real-time lead data increases your chances of conversion, giving you the leverage of knowing the information of your prospects before interacting with them.
Yes, you can plan your marketing campaigns in a personalized way as you have the real-time information of each prospect.
Only authorized users can have access to the real-time lead data to avoid data duplicacy.

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