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Manage customer relationships better and increase sales productivity with Website integration

Increase sales productivity by capturing leads directly from web forms and real-time synchronization with easy customer interaction.

How does website integration benefit you?

A website integration gives you the leverage to capture leads in real-time and have access to instant lead data. It drastically improves sales productivity and reduces manual work. You get a centralized database for all your website leads.

Easy website integration with NeoDove

Build effective buyer personas, customer profiles, and track conversion rates with easy website integration.

Wix Integration

Get instant access to Wix database you already use, or create your new account with NeoDove’s Wix integration.

Auto-capture leads from web forms

Capture leads from web forms automatically. Increase your sales conversion drastically.

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Never miss a website lead with NeoDove

Frequently asked questions

Website integration helps you to reduce on the manual lead capturing from web forms and has a real-time synchronization with your website. It gives you a centralized platform where you get all the lead data to prioritize accordingly.
With a website integration, you get updated real-time data, instantly. It also gives you more accurate results compared to traditional website lead capturing, as it doesn’t involve any manual intervention.
Absolutely! With NeoDove’s custom integration, you can integrate any website of your choice and create your own using Wix integration.
Increasing sales is subjective, but as you would be capturing leads directly from your website with real-time data synchronization, it would help to increase sales productivity and thereby increase the number of conversions.

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