For many salespeople, making cold calls is a terrifying experience. 

However, a cold calling script can make the process a lot easier. In fact, your salespeople can even use cold calling script examples as a point of reference.

When you’re pitching a new client on a product, they have no prior knowledge about it. As such, there’s no guarantee that they’ll accept your call or that you‘ll have the opportunity to explain yourself.

With all these circumstances, is it possible to build a trusting relationship with prospects over the phone? 

Certainly yes. Cold calling (when done correctly) can be an effective way to break into corporate accounts and establish a relationship.

In this article, we will look at some of the best cold calling script examples and how they work.

Cold Calling Script Examples

It is crucial to have a good introduction and a value proposition. Alongside these, qualifying questions and a closing statement are necessary in every cold calling script. 

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A single script isn’t going to work for everyone when it comes to cold calling. Customers won’t buy from you if your script doesn’t meet their needs. 

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Here are some effective cold calling script examples:

1. Generic cold calling script:

The goal of this call script is to gather additional relevant information from your prospects. Using this sales pitch will not result in a sale. Tailor this script to your company’s products/services and the needs of your target customers. 

To get you started, here’s a simple script for cold calling:

“Greetings, (Prospect’s name)!”


“Because I know you’re a busy person, I’ll keep this brief. To let you know that we are experts in (Insert your area of expertise) and that we can assist you with (Explain the best feature of your product or service), I contacted you this morning.”


“If you don’t mind, I have a few questions for you. To understand if our product may help you in any way. Please tell me whether you are comfortable and willing to answer these questions.”


If the potential client requests that you proceed, you must ask a series of intriguing questions as follows:


“Is there anything you don’t like about your existing product or service?”


“What are the three most pressing problems with your existing product or service?”


“Do you have to deal with any of these issues? if so, how?”


2. Value-driven cold call script:

It is well-known that cold calls aren’t a great way to close the deal. Rather than focusing solely on sales, these calls are primarily about establishing a rapport with potential customers. What would you do if you only had one opportunity to close a deal with a potential customer?

If this is the case, you’ll need to draft a sales cold call script that’s packed with value. Moreover, it should be able to captivate a potential customer on the first try. 

Here’s a sample phone call script:

“Greetings, (Prospect’s name)! Do you have some time?”


If the prospect says “Yes.”


“That is fantastic! I have the utmost regard for your busy schedule, and I know how valuable your time is as a working professional. However, I recently learned that your organization (mention organization’s name) is facing a critical challenge (mention the challenge). If my research is correct, your clients are also dissatisfied as a result of this.”


“Am I right?”


“Yes, but…” the prospect responds.


After listening to the prospect and asking pertinent, contextual questions, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the issue. As soon as you’ve done so, simply respond with:


“I get it now. If you need help with (whatever the prospect’s problem is), (your organization’s name) can assist you. Avoid using general terminology. Don’t be vague; be precise). In the past, we’ve helped (name some competitors and how you helped them) with a similar issue. After overcoming this challenge, they have now attained their goal (mention some results).”

This conversation might go on for a while. After a successful call, you can convert a lead on the call itself.


3. Setup a demo call or a meeting:

Selling your product is not an easy task. It takes some time. So, don’t ask your prospect to buy something from you right away. Instead, invite them to a demo call. Remember, you must first gain their trust. To assist you, here is a sales cold call script:

“Greetings, (prospect’s name),”


“This is (your name) from (the name of your company). I recently learned about your organization. I discovered it is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the (prospect’s industry name) sector.”


“Is this a good time to speak? I’ll try to keep it brief.”


“Many of our existing customers are from (prospect’s industry name), and they’ve achieved success in (your expertise) with (name of the product/service you want to pitch). Does that pique your interest?”


“Why don’t we set up a quick demo call next week to explain our product and how it can save your company time and money? Next week, I’m available on Monday and Tuesday. Does that work for you?”


4. Cold calling sales script example when you haven’t received a response from a prospect and need to follow up:

Prospects aren’t always responsive. Mostly because they are genuinely busy and forget to return your cold calls. 

Here’s a cold call script that’s ideal for follow-up:

“Hello, (prospect’s name). I am calling you back as agreed. I’m hoping it’s a good time. Have you had a chance to check your email yet?”


If the prospect responds with a “Yes,”


“Great! As I mentioned in my email, our (re-mention your products/services) can assist you in generating leads (potential results). This is a quick call to see if there is anything we can do for you. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of your requirements?”

This call script is a combination of a discovery call and a follow-up call. Your goal should be to accommodate your prospect’s schedule so that you can start or resume the sales call.


5. Generate user referrals: 

The goal of cold calling isn’t always to bring in new customers or generate leads. You may require a call script from time to time to generate customer referrals. Here’s a script for the same:

“Greetings, (Customer’s name).


“It’s (your name) from (the name of your company). I noticed that (mentioned some of their recent activity that demonstrates their devotion to your brand). This could be a purchase or sharing your content on social media regularly). I was hoping you could do me a favor.”


“Do you have any contacts in the (industry name) who are looking to achieve great results with our solution? We’ll give your friend a three-month trial period. In addition, as a thank you, we will give you an X% discount on your monthly subscription fee for each friend you refer.”


“Can you think of anyone who could benefit greatly from our solutions?”

Additionally, you can add more personalised offers to this cold calling script example to get your customers attention.



Cold calling has changed a lot over the years, and it’s just going to get better. 

Cold calling script examples are a great approach to introduce your products/services to potential customers. Moreover, they allow you to do so in an informative manner. 

Use the templates to help you get over any initial jitters. Pay attention to the language that resonates most with the prospects. You’ll notice that your cold calls lead to a more successful outcome as you improve your scripts. 

So, take pointers from this compilation of cold calling script examples and improve your sales game!

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