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Calling made easy with automated progressive dialing

Get rid of the complications of dialing each number manually, noting each follow-up’s date and time, rescheduling calls, etc. Enhance your telecalling experience for greater efficiency with NeoDove’s calling solution.

2500+ Trusted Users Pan India

Features of automated and progressive dialing

SIM as calling medium

Use your SIM to call your prospects directly from your phone.

Auto-dialer & click-to-dial option

Automate the calling process to increase agent productivity

Call rescheduling

Experience smart automatic call rescheduling

Local language support

Get a multilingual interface with local languages

Status wise calling

Prioritize your calls based on lead status and activity

Call analytics

Track call analytics to measure your telecallers’ performance

Mobile CRM

Get a multilingual interface with local languages

Remote telecalling

Prioritize your calls based on lead status and activity

Start calling with a ready-to-use easy calling software

Experience a no-fuss ready-to-use calling software with cloud-equipped technology. No more excruciating deployment processes or exorbitant infrastructure upgrading costs.

  • Auto-dial & Click-to-Dial option on phone
  • The leads are automatically routed to the right available agent
  • Track call analytics to measure sales KPI
  • Use SIM as a calling medium 
Progressive Dialing
automated calling

Save time and manual efforts with our intuitive mobile app

Make your smartphone your go-to device for customer outreach and accomplish your business goals on the go. Manage calls easily through automated calling and focus on improving customer experience instead of being caught up with manual processes.

  • Get instant updates on your smartphone
  • Communicate with your customers with a mobile CRM
  • Manage calls and important sales meetings from anywhere
  • Remote-work friendly platform 

Automated calling software to increase sales efficiency

Connect with customers seamlessly

A cost-effective model with high flexibility and scalability

From a thorough lead management process to enhanced customer engagement, manage calls, follow-ups, and agent performance all in one platform. Highly flexible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

  • 10-minute set-up time without any complicated technology
  • Have access to status and campaign wise calling
  • Use your already existing infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings and scalability
manage calls
calling prospects

Customer-friendly cold-calling tool to boost sales

A progressive dialer uses the best algorithms to determine the right time to call and choose to send a follow-up when needed. Our automated progressive dialer acts as a customer-friendly tool to boost sales effectively.

  • Smart automatic call rescheduling
  • Local language support for best results
  • Discover more opportunities by making more calls
  • Get access to information of the prospects before dialing

#1 Automated progressive dialer for telecalling

Improve your telecalling experience

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