Automated and Progressive Dialing

Cloud equipped technology ensures maximum security without any excruciating deployment process or exorbitant infrastructure upgrading costs. NeoDove’s platform is extremely user-friendly and helps you to accelerate your business workflow.

Intuitive Mobile App

Accomplish your business goals on the go with the help of NeoDove’s intuitive mobile app. Get immediate updates on your smartphone and communicate with your customers through a mobile CRM.
Progressive Dialing

User-friendly Web Portal

No unnecessary clutter with an extremely user-friendly interface. Enjoy the speed and efficiency of cloud technology with our easy to browse web portal.
Multilingual Support

Multi-lingual Support

We speak your language! Yes, we understand and respect the importance of vernacular languages. Get the option of choosing your preferred language while using NeoDove.

Ready to Use

There is no need to upgrade or revamp your infrastructure for using NeoDove. Built on the latest cloud technology, NeoDove comes ready to use. Yes, it only takes ten minutes to get you up and running.
Customized Reports


By allowing you to run our platform using the cloud, we let you use your existing IT infrastructure to communicate with your clients in a better manner. Enjoy significant savings with NeoDove, right from the time you sign-up and all the way through.

Flexible Usage

Whether you are working remotely or want to connect with clients while you are travelling, enjoy the superior functionality of NeoDove from anywhere and anytime through the mobile app or web portal.
Flexible Usage
Set NeoDove in 10 minutes

10 Minutes Ready-to-Use Set-up

NeoDove’s power is defined by how quickly the platform can be set up. In an advanced technological world, where customers love speed, NeoDove has accelerated its performance which allows the customer to set up and start using the portal and the mobile app for touch basing with customers in not more than 10 minutes.

Get Started Now

Book a demo with us to let us show you how you can set your team up for success.

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