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Enable effective remote calling and bring your sales team the convenience of working from anywhere!

No more being glued to a place or sifting through endless sheets to find the right contact. Enable smarter remote calling with NeoDove.

How will remote calling benefit your business?

There’s no denying that times have been uncertain. But in these times of uncertainty, it has become increasingly apparent that you no longer have to be restricted by a system or place. Remote working has been a great success, so why shouldn’t your sales team benefit from the same? With a solution like NeoDove, let your team perform without any interruption from wherever they are.

Set Your Team Up for More Productivity with Remote Calling

Use the NeoDove telecalling CRM for effective remote calling and increase your team’s productivity while minimizing complexity.

Increase team productivity

Streamline the calling process to help your team focus on the tasks that need the most attention.

Improve time management

On one hand, get tasks done on time by eliminating manual interventions. On the other, save time commuting to work.

Provide more flexibility

Remote callers can accommodate their schedule to suit both their work and personal life. Hence, keeping them happy, engaged and productive.

Save costs

With fewer people in the office, you can reduce costs for your business and make better use of space, too.

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Frequently asked questions

With regards to sales, remote calling can be defined as making sales calls outside the designated office location. It offers a variety of benefits ranging from the convenience of working from anywhere to increased productivity and performance.
NeoDove is a telecalling CRM that packs in a comprehensive set of powerful and intuitive features that enable enhanced sales and customer engagement, centralized lead management, improved team performance and productivity. Its comprehensive yet easy-to-use functionalities like auto-dialling, one-touch messaging, integrated lead management and so on make it the perfect tool for remote sales.
Being able to work without the restraints of an office gives remote callers more freedom. Most importantly, they do not feel constantly distracted by colleagues or their ringing phones, allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand, hence, increasing productivity.c

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