Customer Engagement

Engage your customers in a captivating conversation with our calling solution designed to enhance your sales and engagement experiences. 

Connect with convenience

Engage your customers with their preferred mode of communication including voice call, SMS or Whatsapp

Customer Engagement

Power of AI

NeoDove’s proprietary AI algorithm enables predictive dialing based on recent history and tags, to bolster your contact rates and conversion ratios.

Connect with customers

Connect with customer at their preferred time

With NeoDove, you can connect with customers at their preferred time using the schedule lead feature ensuring no followups are missed.

Create a stronger sales funnel

NeoDove enables you to connect with the customers on a personal level and follow up with them on new offers, product details, and more.

Flexible Usage
No leads gets wasted

No leads get wasted

NeoDove automatically reattempts /reschedule leads that were not connected on the first attempt, due to reasons like switch-off, call-not-picked, etc. This ensures you attend to all your customers.

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