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Communicate better with cloud telephony integration

Take advantage of better, faster phone services by bringing your own existing phone system into the cloud for flexible on-demand access.

What is cloud telephony?

A cloud telephony system helps you to connect with your customers instantly through the internet. Cloud calling works through an internet connection and allows a user to make and take calls from their handsets and desktops easily. With NeoDove, you can get the best cloud telephony software that takes your business phone system to the cloud.

The best cloud telephony software for better customer communication

With NeoDove’s Cloud telephony you’ll be able to get full control over different modes of communication of your business and improve customer service.

Fully Integrated Communications

A business can use tools that operate in the cloud that is easy to deploy, enabling employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or on the go.

Control Over Modes of Communication

A cloud telephony system puts businesses in the front place that allows them to pick and choose what features they need, with access to turn them on or off easily.

Mobility and Ease of Use

With the help of cloud telephony systems, a business can use all features and allow them to log in from anywhere.

Business Continuity

When a business is using a cloud system, it allows a company to remain connected with customers for a longer period.

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Frequently asked questions

It is a unified communication service that allows a business to run a phone system through an internet connection.
VoIP and cloud telephony run on the same functions, although there are not any major differences between them.
NeoDove is associated with cloud telephony software that allows easy access and control over many ways of running a business.
There are a lot of benefits to moving your phone system to the cloud, such as reduced call time and costs. Another benefit is increased agility; you can use your computer, tablet or mobile device to make a call or receive one without having to worry about phone lines as everything takes place through your internet connection.

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