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Why Telemarketing is Important and How You Can Do It Well?

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Why Telemarketing is Important and How You Can Do It Well?

Do you know that telemarketing is still regarded as an effective tactic to generate sales even in these digital times of social media and content marketing? Here are different ways in which telemarketing can help your business: 


  • Nurture leads 
  • Develop high-quality databases 
  • Promote your brand
  • Interact directly with customers 
  • Resolve queries about products and services


We know you surely do not want to miss an opportunity to bring more business to your organization. So, why not compliment it with the latest digital tools to help you get the best out of telemarketing and achieve the maximum possible results. We know how irritating a poor telemarketing call can be. Hence, you must train your team so that you don’t make a wrong impression on your leads or existing customers. 


Everything is not possible manually. There are several advanced AI-based tools through which you can:

  • Streamline the calling processes,
  • Improve customer experience, 
  • Close more leads. 

With an effective marketing strategy and proper training, you can unleash the power of telemarketing. You must also analyze how you can empower your business by supporting it with state-of-the-art tools.


Reasons why Telemarketing should be a Significant Part of your Business Strategy

If you are still not convinced how telemarketing can be a game-changer for your business, here are some more reasons which will convince you to adopt telemarketing: 


Helps expand your business:-

Using telemarketing, you can find new customers while maintaining good relations with your existing customers. Telemarketing is the best way to keep in touch with your old customers and inform them about your products and services and let them know about new offers or launches. This can help you expand your own customer base and increase brand loyalty. 

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Gives you immediate feedback:-

The advantage of telemarketing is that you can retrieve instant feedback about your brand. Asking them on call helps you understand whether they are happy or not, which is better than survey feedback that can be boring and monotonous.  Directly interacting with the customers helps you analyze if they are not satisfied with your service and how you can better serve them. During such interaction, you also learn about the customers and their experience with your brand. This further helps you brainstorm about what features you can add to your products and how you can improve customer experience. This also helps significantly to measure the interest level of the customers in your products.


Customers love the personal interaction:- 

Don’t you feel good when Dominos customer care makes a call regarding your pizza delivery? As a customer, we feel delighted and enjoy special attention. Telemarketing offers a more satisfactory customer experience than other methods, such as survey forms or emails. It lets you interact personally with customers and reply immediately to their questions concerning your products and services. Customers like it when they get an instant reply instead of waiting for a reply, like in the case of emails.


Helps analyze the progress of your sales campaign:-

With telemarketing, you utilize customers’ demographics, such as their location, age, income, or preferences, to build an effective marketing strategy. Through a planned strategy, you can understand how effective your sales campaign is and its progress. This will also further help you know your customers better and find whether they are satisfied with your brand. Such information also helps you to connect with inactive clients and awaken their interest in your brand again.


Fits into your budget perfectly:-

Telemarketing is a very cost-effective way to promote your brand and increase sales. It helps avoid the expenses needed to conduct door-to-door sales campaigns or paid ad campaigns on social media. Telemarketing needs a lower budget with minimal expenses like a fast internet connection and essential equipment for calling. It is the most economical tool for your business since it lets you contact several prospects in a short time to sell or promote your products.

Now, do you see why you should focus on telemarketing for your business?


Tips for Developing an Effective Telemarketing Strategy

Along with the right digital tools, telemarketing can help you achieve your sales objectives quickly. We provide you with a few useful tips to help you get the best out of your telemarketing team. 


Track leads and follow-up with them:-

Telemarketing is an excellent tool that helps you create leads and prepare a list of potential customers. However, to convert the leads to sales, it is necessary to track the leads you generate and follow up with them promptly. It is important to note that a delay in taking action on your calls can make you lose prospective customers.

Use reliable software that automatically reschedules leads that may not have been connected earlier. These tools will ensure that all your leads are converted and not wasted. When you automate the lead collection, you save valuable time and costs and improve your productivity. There is telemarketing software that integrates with Whatsapp, which lets you instantly message customers. 


Monitor your sales team:-

You need to always keep tabs on how your telemarketing team functions continually. You need to use an advanced AI-based tool that notifies you when a caller takes a break or has extended a break without informing. Such tools also inform you instantly if any caller misbehaves or speaks rudely to a prospect. Such information will help you take immediate action and prevent such incidents in the future. The software should enable you to keep track of all calls made and the duration of each call. By monitoring your sales team in this way, you will eliminate unproductive activities and improve efficiency.


Train your telemarketers to engage with customers actively:-

To convert leads to sales, telemarketers need to engage with their prospects professionally yet cordially. Giving them a well-drafted script can help in making an effective conversation. You can opt for a multi-linguistic script-building tool that prepares a caller for the calls he makes. He/She can use it to practice and master their telemarketing calls. It also improves the focus of the script and avoids deviating from the subject. Use cutting-edge equipment for the best calling experience.

Using the best calling equipment will help improve customer experience and increase the chances of getting a sale. Despite all the training and best tools, the telemarketers may not realize the background noise that may be disturbing to your customers. There is software in the market that can notify the manager whenever there is such disturbance or use of foul language by the executive. 

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Automation in telemarketing can help the executive connect to prospects without needing to dial manually. It also allows them to send messages directly on Whatsapp or SMS. Such automatic processes help eliminate wastage of time and minimize errors while dialing.

The above telemarketing tips will help you structure a successful telemarketing strategy that will increase your business turnover. You can check out NeoDove’s innovative AI-powered app, which empowers telemarketing departments to make seamless calls, automate tedious tasks, integrate leads generated from Facebook ads, and ensure the best quality calls.

The app is accessible on both smartphones and desktops. This app will allow you to monitor the executives, track their performance and distribute calls accordingly. 

The path-breaking app smoothens every aspect of the sales process and enhances operational efficiency. Its AI-based algorithm provides predictive dialing based on recent history and tags. Its script builder lets your telemarketers make customized scripts in multiple languages and improve their fluency on the call.

The amazing schedule lead feature lets you talk to customers at their preferred time by sending you reminders. It provides real-time data analytics that identifies problem areas and enables you to take timely remedial steps. Neodove gives you complete data related to your leads, such as the number of calls made, pending calls, or follow-up calls. 

The app works with Whatsapp and lets you message instantly to customers. With NeoDove as your trusted customer communication partner, you can effortlessly achieve all your sales objectives within no time. 

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