Be it eating on-the-go, working on-the-go or simply talking on-the-go, the phrase ‘on-the-go’ is only growing in popularity with modern technology.

With changes in the way society functions, businesses have had to adapt accordingly to reach customers and make sales. 

This is where careers as telesales executives or representatives have seen a rise in popularity.

In this article, you will gain new insights and learn more about telesales, being a telesales executive, if or not going for a telesales job is a good choice and more.


Firstly, what is telesales?

Telesales refers to the process of selling a product or service over the telephone. 

If you’re hoping to go into a career in telesales, you have to be well prepared. Your day will involve talking to a lot of prospective customers over the phone. In fact, these conversations often play a key role in encouraging people to purchase your product.

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And, why is telesales important?

In business, telesales plays a vital role by combining communication and sales skills alongside customer service knowledge. 

There are two categories of telesales – inbound and outbound. In inbound telesales, sales reps respond to calls from current and potential customers. In contrast, outbound telesales handles ringing prospects in order to generate sales.

Having a successful telesales team is quite important. It enables your company to build quality relationships with customers that can lead to new business as well as repeat business.


Secondly, what does being a telesales executive involve?

Telesales executives are agents who work in call centers or are a part of a company’s telecalling team. They use inbound and outbound telephone calls to persuade and convince customers to purchase a company’s products and services.

Let’s now take a look at what a telesales executive job description would consist of:

The Role of a Telesales Executive

A telesales executive job role comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some of them include:

  • Calling current as well as prospective customers to persuade them into purchasing your company’s products and services.
  • Being able to accurately record and keep track of details regarding customer purchase orders.
  • Being able to process all the customers’ purchases correctly.
  • To generate more leads for the on-field sales team to follow up on.
  • Maintaining customer accounts and ensuring current customers are satisfied with the company’s products or services.
  • The ability to use sales scripts given by the company to further drive sales and respond to rejections by customers.
  • Developing an in-depth knowledge about customer products and services. They can then make appropriate recommendations based on specific customer needs and their preferences.
  • The ability to always meet or even exceed daily and monthly targets with regards to call volume and sales.


Things you need to know about a Telesales Executive Job Description

A telesales executive is expected to be talented as well as detail oriented. It will require considerable effort on your part, as you’ll be responsible for upselling the company’s products and services.

In addition to this, you would also be in charge of calling up customers as well as answering queries about purchase orders. 

Furthermore, you must be able to work in a stressful environment as well as possess excellent skills. You must also maintain highly accurate customer records in case they need to be referred to in the future.

If you wish to be an ideal candidate, you must be able to provide excellent customer service along with putting your customers’ needs first. Most importantly, your ability to communicate with customers efficiently should be phenomenal.


3 things you must keep in mind to be a successful telesales executive:


  1. Remember to be persuasive. In addition to this, you should be able to work in high-pressure situations.
  2. Maintain a strong adherence to the given sales scripts.
  3. Equip yourself with excellent communication, negotiation as well as customer skills.

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Is telesales a good job?

Telesales aims to build new as well as repeat business via excellent customer-business relationships. Telesales agents contact customers to promote product offers, set up appointments or even to support field representatives.

Telesales representative jobs require employees to follow the 3 P’s – patience, persuasiveness and persistence.

In general, it is a must for telesales staff to possess great skills, and of course as a company rep, they should know what they are talking about. You will also learn how to deal with stressful situations and even develop confidence.


4 reasons you should consider a job in telesales

1. A chance to learn and develop skills that will only enhance your professional growth

A job in telesales will enable you to develop multiple skills as well as acquire a lot of data from different projects. 

Furthermore, this strong connection with the brand will allow you to establish a complete idea of different business models, promotions and marketing methods. These will prove to be invaluable in time.

2. You have the ability to set your own paycheck

This is perhaps one of the biggest perks of a job that involves selling products/services by phone. 

Based on your results, you have the possibility of doubling or even tripling your base salary as a result of several performance bonuses.

3. A chance to improve your communication and negotiation skills

Besides learning many new skills, you will have the opportunity to develop a strong ability to interact with unknown people and find common ground. 

A professional in telesales will therefore have social advantages by becoming adept at negotiation as well as persuasion.

4. Training sessions and many chances for constant professional development

One of the most valuable things in a workplace is the opportunity to grow on a constant basis. A telesales job requires someone who would embrace the career and learn about products in depth. 

This is the reason why many telesales employees undergo a lot of training sessions.

Quite frankly, a career in telesales can actually act as a very helpful stepping stone into the business world. It can even lead to further promotion into field sales as well as other key roles.

In fact, once you plant your roots in telesales, it can equip you with many necessary skills  to succeed in business.



Overall, telesales can be classified as the act of selling products and services over the telephone. It can also be concluded that being a telesales executive or a telesales representative requires a lot of skills.

You must have exceptional communication skills coupled with customer service skills in order to close the most sales possible.

Now that you have learnt more about telesales, you can decide for yourself if a career in telesales is worth pursuing!

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