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Automobile Software: A Boon to Automobile Dealerships and Workshops

Published on September 30, 2021
Last modified on March 4, 2022
automobile software

In an era when globalization has drastically changed lifestyles, automobiles have grown into an important part of our living. From a simple motorcycle to a luxurious modified car, modernization has contributed to the growing scope of the automobile industry

It has not only boosted the automobile industry but has also impacted ancillary industries. In response to the increase in the variety of vehicles available to customers, the competition between manufacturers and dealers has been dramatically escalating.

In such a challenging environment, the players of the automobile industry utilise the best possible automobile software that gives them an edge over their competitors and empowers them to grow their business profitably.  

To gain a competitive edge in such a challenging environment, the players of the automobile industry rely on the best possible automobile software available.

In this article, we will discuss why automobile dealerships and workshops need automobile software, and how NeoDove is the ideal automobile CRM to boost your business growth.


Why Does Your Dealership or Workshop Need an Automobile Software?

An automobile software is designed to streamline and simplify the entire process of running a dealership or workshop. They not only help you save time but also ensure better customer service through their various features. 

In fact, such software helps you save money on a regular basis and also enables your dealership and workshop to become a lot more efficient by reducing the number of manual tasks that your team does. 

Most of all, they help improve productivity that ultimately enables you to increase your profits. This is exactly why automobile dealerships and workshops all over the world need automobile software.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss how NeoDove can help you streamline your dealership and workshop’s telecalling and sales engagement processes to help you increase your sales.


NeoDove: An Easy Automobile Software to Increase Sales

In order to make your dealership and automobile workshop more productive and efficient, NeoDove comes packed with various features that help you streamline your sales and customer engagement processes in no time. 

Here’s how it takes care of your telesales requirements every step of the way:


Every customer searches and compares all possible values before purchasing any commodity. It’s no different when buying a vehicle. A customer thoroughly researches the features, pricing and offers, and test-drive options before making a purchase. 

The pre-purchase phase is vital for any business since it is the part of the sales process where you generate qualified leads and learn the most about your consumers’ preferences. Information acquired at this point forms the basis for the relationship you will have with your customers.

To ensure that everything is taken care of well, NeoDove offers comprehensive functionalities that cover everything from outreach to engagement. Features like an auto dialer, customizable scripts and message templates, lead management system, real-time performance reporting, integrations with platforms like Just Dial, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. simplify the process for you and allow you to focus on what is more important – driving sales. 

A quick fact – NeoDove users’ have experienced up to a 40% increase in their productivity. 

Dealings and purchase

Consider this scenario – having clearly defined their choices and shortlisted the car they think is most suitable for them, the next step is the purchase. To secure the client’s business, the salesperson will need to have all the vital information about the client and a regular follow-up will be necessary to ensure they complete the deal. 

The key to successful dealing is to avoid losing any aspect of the deal. Dealers benefit from having an automobile CRM at their end in situations like these, as it allows them to provide a complete experience to their customers. It not only results in more successful deals but also increases your chances of building a lasting relationship with your customers.

Here again, our easy automobile software brings you the essentials to stay connected with your prospects and customers. Now be it sales, service, feedback, insurance or anything, you can connect and stay connected with your prospects and customers easily through NeoDove’s multichannel communication feature and increase your chances of conversions. 

With NeoDove you can enhance your customer engagement through WhatsApp, SMS, email and call with just one touch. Most importantly, you can capture all the necessary information in the “Customer Details Form”, so that the next time you need to contact your customers, you don’t have to dig through Excel sheets.


Customer journeys do not end with a transaction. Following the purchase decision, you must ensure your customers remain engaged and satisfied. A poor customer support model has caused dealerships and workshops to lose customers and the last thing you want is for your customers to leave you.

The importance of regular engagement is again evident here. NeoDove delivers much more than that. Whether you’re managing customer details or sending them regular updates and offers, NeoDove offers features that not only enhance your experience but also help you offer a great customer experience.

As mentioned before, NeoDove’s multichannel communication feature allows one-touch WhatsApp, SMS and email to smooth out the customer engagement process for you. Moreover, NeoDove provides a Marketplace offering access to advanced services like Bulk SMS and IVR, all available on one platform.  


Wrap up

The success of an automobile dealership or workshop is dependant on a single factor, which is the customer experience. Every interaction between the brand and the customer is of equal importance. The type of experience you provide can either make or break your relationship with your customers.  

From accumulating all your leads on one platform and calling those leads without any hassles to managing those leads efficiently and never missing a follow-up, NeoDove telecalling CRM and sales engagement platform has you covered. If you want to find out more about how NeoDove can boost your dealership’s revenue, book a product demo and see NeoDove in action.

Consumers no longer have limited choices, and having a car or bike alone is no longer considered a luxury. Brands today are judged on the experience they offer and that is exactly where the opportunities for recognition and success can be found

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