Best practices for delighting customers in Automobile dealerships

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Best practices for delighting customers in Automobile dealerships

For an Indian customer, buying a car is a big deal as it levels up their lifestyle. Hence, automobile dealers’ marketing plays an essential role in customer experience impacts customer buying decisions. Every automobile car dealer must have a kick-ass marketing strategy, extraordinary customer experience (both in their store and online), no matter what. Here are some best practices for delighting customers in automobile dealerships.

We understand that many leads that come to automobile dealers (whether online or offline) are not conversions. Some customers just enquire and leave it for the latter. But, that must not allow you to compromise on giving them the best experience. This technique will never stop your hot prospects from coming back to you or referring your dealership in their contact sphere. Here are some best practices which can absolutely delight your customers

1. Sell experience and lifestyle, not a vehicle: You must keep in mind that buying a car is an emotional moment for the entire family. It upgrades their lifestyle and is a moment to celebrate for people. So, be a part of their exciting and happy journey. Here is how you can further enhance their experience:

  • Make the full details of the cars, models, features, etc., online to view them from their comforts of the home. Get away with all the paperwork and the traditional system.
  • Keep everything transparent, whether it is the availability of the car or pricing. This helps in establishing trust and further enhancing the brand reputation. Do not make any false promises which you know cannot be fulfilled. 
  • When they visit your showroom, give them a luxurious feeling and make them as comfortable as you can. 
  • When you make a lead generation or sales call through Neodove, make sure you take complete interest and engage fully in their car buying decision. Try to understand what features attract them the most; why do they prefer a particular brand. All these engaging questions will help you give them a product that will further enhance their automobile experience. 

2.  Innovate and Surprise your Customers: Who doesn’t love surprises? Automobile purchases are all about emotions, so connect emotionally with your prospects and your existing clients. If you know your prospects own a dog, how about giving a discount coupon on dog food to buy a car or gift a collar to them? These little things go a long way in branding. Even if they don’t buy a car from you, they will go around their community with a trumpet about your offerings and kind gesture.

3. Continually improve your business: A business grows by meeting the customer needs and requirements. To fulfill this, customer feedback is an important activity that you must conduct on an on-going basis. Be open to customer feedback, implement the changes, and see how many mistakes have been corrected. Do you know the best part of doing this? The customer will absolutely love it when you embrace their feedback with open arms. They will brand about your dealership just like their own, and you know that nothing can beat word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Be omnipresent: In the automobile industry, anyone can be your customer and contact you from any channel. Hence, you must establish both an online and offline presence. You should also establish a 2-way communication channel through phones, SMS, email, social media channels. The more approachable you are, the better your business growth is.

5. Have a streamlined documentation process: Automobile is one such industry that receives the highest number of leads. This makes it very important for the dealers to streamline their data such as birthdays, anniversaries, car models interested in, plan to buy, customer feedback, etc. This helps in developing a different marketing strategy and targeting the prospects. Here’s how:

  • Imagine it’s a prospect’s anniversary, and you make a call regarding a new car model that deem fits his requirement. Wouldn’t the customer be delighted about gifting it to his wife, marking his anniversary celebration?
  • If there is common customer feedback and you have the data handy, do you see how easy it becomes to call them with a thank you note on improvising your business and speaking about the car they are looking for?

It is a proven fact that when any business gives something delightful to its customers and shows affection, the customers will rave about it. When you genuinely put efforts and follow customers’ feedback, they will notice and genuinely appreciate your dealership. As a dealership owner, you need to make sure that your customers are delighted not just to buy a car from you but also to be equally excited and optimistic when they come to you for repair and other allied services.

NeoDove can be your technical partner in easing out the process of customer delight. We understand that this process is not easy as it seems, but we make lead generation easy through our application. Our call scripts can help you with point #2, where you want to call customers for targeted marketing. Neodove can also be extremely helpful in documentation compilation, as mentioned in #5, making the entire marketing process seamless.  

So these were some Best practices for delighting customers in Automobile dealerships. Try them and see the result and don’t forget “the customer is the king”.

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