Training the Telecaller in Your Automobile Dealership

Training the Telecaller in Your Automobile Dealership
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Telemarketing can be one of the most efficient pathways for boosting up the sales of automobile companies. A trained telecaller can make a significant difference in the company’s progress, especially in the automobile dealership. The main target of training the telecaller in an automobile dealership is to make the telecaller competent for generating sales through telemarketing activities. In the automobile industry, sales conversion greatly relies on telecalling. This requires training your employees. 

While training an apprentice of telecalling for an automobile dealership firm, the first goal is to make the telecaller understand the whereabouts of the automobile industry. Many people who opt for telecaller in the automobile industry may not be well acquainted with automobiles’ core details. The first step of training is to make the telecaller an insider to the automobile industry. Here is what you must tell them:

  1. About the basic techniques of telecalling and understanding how it works in the automobile industry. 
  2. Explain all the necessary technical details of the industry, such that when counter questions by clients, he/she can provide satisfactory answers to those.
  3.  Make them well versed with the purpose and types of automobiles, the recent working of the National and International automobile industry.

Without these basic concepts, the knowledge of the telecaller will always be limited to superficial levels, and that can later prove to be a threat for the dealer. In this phase of training, the trainer must also acquaint the telecaller with the industry’s prohibitions and all the possible activities the telecaller must refrain from. 

The training imparted to the telecaller must include programs that will help the person conduct various:

  • Telemarketing campaigns
  • Objection handling
  • Collecting feedback
  • Coordinating with the team 

After the completion of this step comes the training related to communication. This is the critical step and the primary and most crucial training procedure of a telecaller in the automobile industry. 

Training your Telecaller Team

It is the communication skills of the telecaller that makes all the difference. It is the expertise that the person can put up while communicating, which marks the success of the telecaller and the dealership. Communication training for a telecaller must include:- 

  • Communicating with the customers and fixing appointments with them: Remember nothing works without a fixed schedule, so give them a script containing text about how they can fix an appointment in the most polite manner.
  • Convey all the information about the dealer to the customer: Maintaining complete transparency while giving information about a particular that their customer is interested in or about the dealership. Explaining the entire process of the dealership to the customer and helps in establishing trust
  • How to generate sales leads over the telephone: When you generate leads from different marketing modules, generating sales or converting them happens in the way your telecaller speaks to them. Show them how to take interest in their car interests, requirements, and fulfilling them.
  • How to negotiate deals over the telephone: Give your telecaller a ballpark figure where they can stop and close the deal. Many customers will propose a counteroffer or competitor’s offer and your telecaller must be able to convert it. 
  • Follow up with the clients from time to time: While following up, the lead must not be irritated with your calls, else he can block your number. So, take the follow-up time before making any random calls. When you make a follow-up call, remind them about this scheduled call. 
  • Collect feedback from the customers at regularly scheduled time intervals: Establish this as a best practice for collecting feedback on call or via SMS for every call made. This helps in improving the performance of not just the telecaller but also of the dealership overall. You must have a well-established channel to take a proper look at complaints and resolve them with full care and responsibility

It is also the job of the telecaller to coordinate the various sales activities so that all the touchpoints in the dealership are integrity. At the end of the training procedure, the telecaller must be able to effectively coordinate with all the team members and maintain the records of all customers and their responses. Following these records, the telecaller must follow up with the client from time to time to initiate sales leads and understand their choices and preferences and their changing patterns. Telecalling is one of the most effective means to gather raw feedback from the customers and prove critical driving forces for regulating and revolutionizing sales strategies, product quality, and various other parameters. 

Apart from acquiring these specialized skills as a telecaller, the person must also learn the necessary skills for conducting work effectively. These include:

  1. Working effectively as a part of the team and taking up responsibilities. 
  2. The person must also be trained to lead a team if required, with complete dedication.
  3. Training the telecaller for automobile dealerships also includes teaching the person how to optimize time and keep the work environment appropriate and hazard free for conducting uninterrupted work. 

Testing the Telecaller Post Training

You can conduct all the above training procedures either in your office or online via a laptop. Once the training is completed, you can test the telecaller on all the parameters after the training.  You can design a practical test where you can test for:

  1. If the telecaller can deliver convincing sales proposals over the telephone to the customer
  2. The person’s aptitude to be a working member of the team and coordinate activities on the personal level and the team level. 
  3. If they sharp analytical capabilities to analyze customer behavior correctly. 

Just as in digital marketing, the content is the king; in telemarketing, the information provided to the customer by the telecaller and how it is delivered is the king. 

Why is training Important?

Though generating sales leads is the main task of the telecaller, he or she must also greet the customers and maintain good relations with them even if they are not buying automobiles at the moment. These little yet effective ways can only be taught in a formal training module. And it is very important to Increase the Productivity of Telesales Agents

Statistics say that those firms which maintain long term and consistent relationships with their clients eventually turn out to be the ones with the steepest sales curves. The telecaller must be trained to comply with the organizational norms of the company effectively. It is essential that the telecaller can satisfy the customer by providing relevant information to the customer and updating the potential customers’ records. Grievance redressal is also an important 

 A trained telecaller is an asset for the automobile industry. The skills of a trained telecaller can strengthen the base of telemarketing for an automobile dealer. Various automobile dealership firms lay down different criteria regarding the requirement of experience for the telecaller. The telecaller must be a 12th standard pass to opt for the training procedure. Suitable training can make a telecaller one of the truest assets of an automobile dealership firm and can induce positive sales growth. A telecaller represents your company in front of the customers hence suitable training and grooming of the telecaller will enhance the image of your company and reflect your company standards before the potential customers

Once you have trained your telecaller, use our Neodove for making calls which can reduce the overall manual work of the telecallers such as collecting feedback, integrating Facebook ads. You can develop the multi-lingual script on our application which helps them in easily shifting across scripts without being lost. 

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