From OEMs to dealers including their sub-dealers, agents, workshop, leasing companies or used car dealers, our solution  provides a comprehensive communication platform for businesses of all scales and sizes. You close the automobile deals in an effortless manner.

Provide the Best Customer Experience in Automobile Industry

A car is no more a luxury but a comfort, so updating your customers about the new cars in the market and stocked cars is more important than ever. So, accelerate your customer service by providing them information, taking feedback, conducting surveys, following up for service reminders, insurance renewals or selling any additional products  can help your business perform better.

NeoDove is an innovative platform which comes with all types of solutions for enhancing the customer experience problems.

Share real time insights

Customers love reminders for service renewals, new cars in the market and incentives offered, so offer them the real-time data and start sharing tangible information which is important for your customers as well as your business.

Real-time Insights
No language barriers

No more language barriers

We have a multilingual interface which makes it, even more, easier for the user to connect with your customers in the language he/she is comfortable with.

Follow Up with your clients

Scrap your 6-months old data and follow up with your leads about the car deals they wanted to make. Make a tangible offer before reaching out to them for telesales.

Follow up with clients
Reminders for service

Reminders for service

Invite the new car buyers for feedback and encourage them for their first service.

AI Analytics

Our advanced AI will help you analyse the calls in real-time and provide the data of hot-leads, warm leads and pending follow-ups.

AI Analytics
Script Builder

Customized script builder

The inbuilt customized script builder ensures your team asks questions that are relevant to your business and in the language and flow that you want for increased conversions. The Inbuilt script suggestor helps to make your calling script more effective.

Automatic workflow

Our AI will identify the best potential in your team and automate the workflow to them who can make quick, engaging calls with customers.

Automatic Workflow
Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Today, time is money and with NeoDove you can become a time efficient organization by integrating your leads from third parties like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc directly to NeoDove. No manual efforts and better time utility

Google sheet integration

You can improve efficacy with our integrated Google spreadsheet for data compilation of the leads from different platforms.

Google Sheet Integrations

Incorporating the latest technological innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Functionality, NeoDove is the answer to all your customer communication management worries. Power-up your customer acquisition and retention activities with NeoDove. Contact us now for any queries that you may have.

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