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How Real Estate Can Leverage Cloud Telephony?

Published on December 30, 2021
Last modified on January 16, 2022
cloud telephony for real estate

Everybody needs a house to live in, a place to invest for, and a business to run within.

That’s one of the many reasons the Real Estate Industry is one of the most widely spread industries across. 

Though there are ample available opportunities for businesses to turn a profit, it is still not everybody’s cup of tea. It is among the most miscalculated chores and requires streamlined follow-ups, structured customer interactions, and an efficient sales team.  

Customers today utilize and research the web to research all the available details. Buying a property is not an easy task, it requires time and a detailed analysis of the best-suited option available. 

Lead generation and management along with customer experience are one of the most supreme and tedious tasks. Real estate requires constant follow-ups with down-to-earth communication. The sales teams need to struggle over in order to maintain efficiency.

Dealing with customers and maintaining leads is difficult. Tele-calls and follow-ups need to be. To overcome this exhaustion cloud telephony is your best bet. 


What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony in general terms is known as cloud calling. You can use cloud telephony for telecalling or Outbound calling. It is a type of distinct communication as a service method. 

Cloud telephony is one of the blessings in the disguise of modern age technology. It is the technology that offers voice and telephony services through an external host. Cloud telephony systems are the current need of the hour. Conventional telephony issues are easily solved using cloud telephony and the platform. 

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What are the benefits of cloud telephony for real estate?

cloud telephony for real estate

Minimum lead leakage

Cloud telephony offers a dynamic way to interact with prospects. Even if there are no available sales agents, the new cloud calling feature enables recording certain customer details that will be beneficial to contact back in the future. This ensures minimum lead loss and a dynamic atmosphere which results in minimal disruption and no lead loss. 


Centralized virtual number

Real estate ventures that are widespread operating from various locations face the issue of owning multiple numbers. In cases like these, a centralized virtual number is the finest solution to all disruptions. 

A real estate company goes through various processes from receiving inquiries for various available geographical locations to personal interaction with customers to finalise properties in various geographical areas. 

A centralized virtual number is a complete solution to all of these issues.  It helps find an answer to all available queries and ensures complete customer satisfaction. 


Interactive voice response (IVR)

An Interactive Voice Response most commonly known as the IVR is a development of technology and an advanced feature that allows the human voice to interact with the customer.

Many times situations may arise when a prospective customer who is interested in buying a property may call after working hours and no sales agents are available. In these cases, the customer may leave a voicemail or answer some predefined questions. IVR enables a 24/7 availability of your sales teams improving the efficiency of your business. 


Live call transfer and direct interaction

If in case a sales representative is unable to interact with the customer and feels that the call needs to be redirected to some other representative or reassigned to the manager, Cloud telephony is the best available option. 

Live call transfers are a flexible means to work for situations like these. The customer can have direct interaction with the appropriate sales agent and discuss the diverse opportunities.  


Catch sight of prospects dynamically

Whenever your sales team is on calls with prospects and if a customer calls back for property inquiries they are interested in, cloud telephony for real estate gives a complete live report on calls waiting and total calls connected. 

It helps know the total incoming, outgoing, and waiting calls report. This enables us to catch a sight of prospects dynamically. 

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Features of NeoDove cloud telephony your real estate business will love

An end to end solution especially developed for customers to help them ease their tele-sales process, NeoDove is a complete overall solution for lead management, automatic call scheduling, automatic dialer , regular follows and many more. 

It also enables cross platform interactions with websites like housing.com and magic bricks to assist our customer’s growth. You can use NeoDove for all your outbound calling and telesales needs.

With a bundle of dynamic features onboard that the team has developed; Cloud telephony is one of the most significant among them. Helping our clients grow is our main motto.

Cloud telephony at NeoDove ensures and enables the following for your venture.

  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Dynamic Interaction
  • Interactive Voice Response 
  • Supportive Remote Working
  • Call Recording 
  • Call Analytics and Reports 

Cloud telephony is winning over due to its reliable environment and scalability. The Real Estate sector can reach out for it to ensure maximum efficiency and help grow their business.

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