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Top 5 Types Of VOIP Dialers You Need To Know

Published on March 20, 2023
Last modified on March 28, 2023
Top 5 Types Of VOIP Dialers You Need To Know - NeoDove

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  is one of the fastest growing ways of optimizing your business communications. In fact, it is estimated that about 3 billion people around the world use mobile VOIP services. 

But, why is this so?

VOIP phone systems allow you to quickly and effectively connect with customers and clients located all over the world. Moreover, with the introduction of VOIP dialers, the outbound calling process became much more efficient.

With constantly evolving technology, VOIP dialers brought about quite a revolutionary change in the world of calling. In this article, you will learn about what VOIP dialers are and the different types of VOIP dialer for call centers. 


What is a VoIP dialer?

A VOIP dialer is defined as a type of dialer software that uses VOIP technology to place outbound calls. With VOIP, VOIP phone dialers use the internet along with a VOIP service provider to make calls. In this way, there is no need for a physical phone line.

What is a VoIP dialer - NeoDove

VOIP auto dialers allow sales agents and representatives to automate the dialing process and connect with prospects, leads and customers. 

Alongside this, these dialers also allow for mass outbound calls to be made to any destination. With VOIP dialers, you are only limited by the speed and quality of your internet connection. 

In these times, many outbound call centers have begun to actively use VOIP dialers. Moreover, sales teams are able to completely eliminate manual dialing with VOIP auto dialers, allowing for more efficient customer support. 

As a whole VOIP calling is considered to be quite reliable. VOIP phone dialers especially have contributed a lot to helping with more effective customer engagement. For these reasons, VOIP along with VOIP dialers have only continued to grow in popularity.


Types of VOIP Dialers 

VOIP auto dialers allow sales agents to quickly make large volumes of cost-effective outgoing calls. Each type of VOIP dialer has its own unique features and is beneficial in its own way.

Types of VOIP Dialers - NeoDove

Here are the 5 main types of VOIP auto dialers you need to know:

1) VOIP Predictive Dialer

VOIP predictive dialers are a type of dialer that use internet connections to place mass outgoing calls. These dialers function by dialing multiple numbers all at once based on certain data analytics and predicted agent availability.

Furthermore, VOIP predictive dialers are able to skip over busy signals, disconnected numbers and voicemails. This kind of auto dialer is mainly used for conducting market research, telemarketing and customer service. 

Quite often, the most popular VOIP auto dialer software chosen by call centers are predictive dialers.

2) VOIP Power Dialer

The next type of VOIP phone dialer are power dialers. Also known as rapid dialers, VOIP power dialers operate by making sequential calls from a given list of prospects. 

Here, the VOIP dialer first calls up one number per agent. After this, the connection is made and the call is established only when an agent is ready to speak. If a number is disconnected, unattended or shown as busy, this VOIP auto dialer moves to the next prospect number on the list. 

3) VOIP Preview Dialer

A VOIP preview dialer allows sales agents and representatives to see detailed contact profiles of prospects. This also includes the history of previous interactions with said prospect.

Then, based on this information, this VOIP dialer decides if a call should be initiated or not. In this way, this VOIP auto dialer allows for more content-based and personalized interactions with prospects and customers alike. 

4) VOIP Robo Dialer

Robo dialers are an ideal form of VOIP phone dialers for call centers. This is because with robo dialers, you can make calls to thousands of people simultaneously. With this VOIP dialer, you won’t have to wait for free phone lines. 

Once your prospect picks the call, your VOIP dialer then plays a pre-recorded message or connects them with a live agent. As such, robo dialers are mainly used for the purpose of mass messaging campaigns.

5) VOIP Progressive Dialer

With progressive dialers, your VOIP auto dialer software uses a progressive outbound calling mode. Here, they first run through your given calling lists. Then, they make the call based on when an agent gets done with their current call and becomes available.

Moreover, this VOIP phone dialer only connects your sales agents with calls answered by actual live prospects. Progressive dialers also only dial a single number per agent. 

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Overall, VOIP dialers are quite any asset for any business to have. This could be because of their cost-effectiveness, easy installation process or cutting edge features.

Moreover, there are several different types of VOIP dialers you can choose from for your business. Truly, choosing the right VOIP dialer could be the key to boosting your business productivity and empowering your sales team. 

Just do your research, choose the VOIP dialer that’s right for you and empower your telecallers today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that enables you to make calls using your internet connection, instead of a mobile network or landline. It converts analog voice signals into digital signals over a broadband connection.

With a VOIP dialer, VOIP services are used to handle multiple outbound calls within your call centers. VOIP dialers allow you to automate the entire dialing process. Thus, eliminating manual effort. 

They are also able to filter out disconnected numbers or busy signals. Furthermore, they only connect agents when a call is actually answered by your live prospect.

VOIP dialers allow you to significantly increase your number of live connections. This is a result of VOIP dialers filtering out calls that do not actually get connected (voicemails, busy signals, disconnected numbers, etc.).

With VOIP dialers, you can reduce waiting time between calls as well as the time your agents remain idle. In this way, you are boosting productivity and ensuring that more prospects can be reached in minimum time. Overall, this leads to a boost in efficiency as well as improved agent performance.

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