Different Ways to Execute Outbound Tele-Calling Campaigns

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Irrespective of the industry we talk about, today, the global market is facing tough competition, be it the healthcare, finance, real estate, consumer goods, information and technology, or the automobile sector. Each company wants to advertise its product, gain a reputation in a short time, drive business growth,inculcate promotions,use direct selling techniques and provide a unique customer experience. And to do that, they all need to execute outbound tele-calling campaigns.

With the outbound calling services, businesses can easily connect with its customers, they can gather information, schedule times for automated calls, send out timely personalized messages, get instant replies, and much more.

There are other benefits for the outbound calling campaigns such as:

  • Zero infrastructural setup, and operational cost.
  • Recording calls and personalised  messages.
  • Reaching a mass of audience in minutes.
  • Personal contact with prospects.
  • It provides immediate feedback and results.
  • It controls the pace of marketing and sales activities.

In this post, we will discuss how it has become essential for various industries to acquire outbound calling for revenue generation.

Automotive Industry :Outbound Calling:

With each industry looking to improve its customer experience, the automotive industry did not lag. As dealerships are looking to satisfy their customer needs, the industry is one of the leading in deploying contact center solutions for outbound calling campaigns. They are working on moving most of the operational process on a live dashboard, to facilitate the communication process with the potential and existing customers. We are listing down how to execute  outbound calling campaigns:

  • Find new sales prospects.
  •  Understand prospects better,understand customer insights through conducting market research to track the car purchase journey for consumers and to watch out for competition.
  • Follow-up and reengage with customers.
  • Offer after sales services.

Real Estate: Outbound Calling:

For many years, the real estate industry has relied on outbound calling campaigns to drive business. Normally, buying a house is one of the most important decisions in people’s lives, and to help make that decision in your favour, you can’t rely on tech alone. The human element is necessary to convince them and push them towards this big investment. The following goals are how outbound calling campaigns benefits in Real Estate :

  • Prospecting  new buyers.
  • Selling  their products or services.
  • Advertisements and promotion ,by providing general information about projects.
  • Conducting  surveys.
  •  Updating  relevant customer information on the database.
  •  Reminding  about upcoming payments and collection.

Healthcare Sector:Outbound Calling

The healthcare industry has been using outbound calling campaigns to offer premium services to their patients. With the increase in medical costs and insurance premiums is making it difficult to improve the overall health and wellbeing of society. So the healthcare industry is looking to deliver more affordable and personalized care. And that is through developing new strategies for better access, engagement, healthcare education, and experience for patients. Without this strategy, little would be accomplished in the field.

Outbound calling campaign in Healthcare sector:

  • To schedule appointments with doctors
  • To provide results for diagnostic examinations and laboratory tests
  • To educate patients about their health condition
  • To remind patients of appointments and drug refill
  • For post-visit follow ups
  • To provide medical advice
  • To collect medical payments
  • To gain insights

How to create a successful outbound call campaign?

  •  Specify your goals and KPIs to start a well-defined outbound campaign.
  • Train your agents to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability.
  • Create ideal buyer persona (You may have multiple buyer personas)
  • Design an effective script to improve the quality of the call.
  • Tailor your outbound call to the prospect in order to engage with him or her. You can do that by planning and preparing before reaching out to the prospect. And always make your customer feel valued, by making them know that you are calling for a reason.
  • Analyse and optimize the performance of your outbound campaign.
  • And last but not least, use the right tech enabled  technology for communication and prospect management.

Using tech solutions like NeoDove, which is an end-to-end tech-enabled platform for communication and leads management, helps with prospecting, engaging and retaining customers, and increasing the productivity of telesales agents. The platform offers solutions for outbound calling, inbound marketing, data management, and reengagement. It provides agents with real-time insights and offers complete transparency and control over the communication process.

NeoDove also maintains prospect’s customer’s data, it maintains the call histories, call recordings, etc. And that is to improve the customer experience of their clients. NeoDove has also helped many dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group, manage their employees and customer relations successfully.

Reach out now and request a personalized demo to discover how NeoDove solution can help with executing your outbound calling campaigns.

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