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How To Create The Best Outbound Sales Call Scripts

Published on June 22, 2022
Last modified on October 3, 2023
How To Create The Best Outbound Sales Call Scripts - NeoDove

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Did you know that outbound sales calls that are an average of 14.3 minutes long are considered the most effective?

However, it is only after the 5th follow-up that 80% of deals are successfully closed.

The importance of a well-written outbound sales call script is a widely discussed topic in the sales and marketing world.

It is essential in many businesses in order to run successfully. Such businesses include marketing businesses, financial institutions, or any business requiring telecalling for its product.

In this article, we will learn more about how to go about making good outbound calls and examine outbound call examples. Moreover, we will also examine some outbound sales call script examples.


10 Effective Outbound Sales Call Scripts You Should Know

In the world of sales, mastering the art of outbound calls is a game-changer. 

10 Effective Outbound Sales Call Scripts You Should Know - NeoDove


To help you succeed, we’ve curated 10 highly effective outbound sales call scripts that you must know:

1) Cold Sales Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

Use this outbound sales call script when reaching out to potential customers who have had no prior interaction with your company. 

Hello, [Prospect's Name].

My name is [Your Name], and I'm calling from [Your Company].

We specialize in [mention your product or service briefly]. I wanted to speak with you today to see if there might be an opportunity for us to help you with [mention a relevant pain point or need].

Is this a good time to talk?

2) Appointment-setting Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

This outbound call script is handy when you’ve identified a potential lead and want to schedule a meeting or appointment.


This is [Your Name] from [Your Company].

I hope you're doing well.

I wanted to reach out because we've been helping businesses like yours [mention a significant benefit or result].

I'd like to schedule a brief meeting to discuss how we might be able to do the same for you.

Are you available for a call or meeting next week?

3) Voicemail – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

When you can’t reach your prospect directly, leave a voicemail that’s concise yet engaging. This outbound sales call script encourages the prospect to return your call or explore your offer.


This is [Your Name] calling from [Your Company].

I'm sorry I missed you today. I wanted to chat with you about [mention a specific value proposition or benefit] that we offer to businesses like yours.

I'll be available to talk at [mention a specific time] tomorrow, or please feel free to call me back at [Your Phone Number].

Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you.

4) Voicemail Follow-up – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

Use this script after leaving a voicemail. It’s a gentle reminder for the prospect, emphasizing the value of your offer and encouraging them to take the next step.

Hello again, [Prospect's Name].

This is [Your Name] from [Your Company].

I left you a message a few days ago regarding [mention your offering]. I understand you're busy, but I wanted to emphasize the potential benefits you can gain.

Please give me a call back at [Your Phone Number] when you have a moment. I believe we can help you [mention a specific result or solution].

Thank you, and I hope to connect with you soon.

5) Gatekeeper Sales Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

This outbound sales call script helps you navigate past gatekeepers, the first line of defense in many organizations, to reach decision-makers.

Hello [Gatekeeper's Name],

I hope you're having a great day! I'm [Your Name], calling from [Your Company].

I wanted to connect with [Decision Maker's Name] regarding a valuable solution that can benefit [Company Name].

Could you please assist me in scheduling a brief conversation with [Decision Maker's Name] at a convenient time for them?

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    6) Post-conversation Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example 

    This outbound sales call script follows up on a previous conversation to maintain a connection and continue the sales process effectively.

    Hi [Prospect's Name],

    It's [Your Name] again, following up on our recent conversation.

    I wanted to check if you had any further questions or concerns after our last discussion.

    Our product could address [Prospect's Pain Point], and I'm here to assist you with any information or support you need to make an informed decision.

    7) Referral Sales Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

    Referral outbound sales call scripts leverage existing connections to gain trust and access to potential clients. This can help you capitalize on referrals effectively.


    [Referral Source's Name] recommended that I get in touch with you.

    We've been assisting [Referral Source's Company] in [Achievement/Outcome], and they thought our outbound sales call script could also benefit [Prospect's Company].

    I'd love to explore how we can help you achieve similar results. When would be a good time for us to connect and discuss further?

    8) Promotional Sales Script – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

    This script is suitable when you have a special offer or promotion to entice prospects and drive immediate sales.

    Good day!

    I'm [Your Name] from [Your Company], and we're currently running an exciting promotion that I thought you might be interested in.

    Our product, [Name of Product], has helped businesses like yours boost sales by [Percentage/Amount].

    Would you be available for a quick conversation to learn more about how this promotion can benefit your company?

    Your timing couldn't be better!

    9) Demo Scheduled – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

    This outbound sales call script is crucial when you’ve successfully piqued a prospect’s interest and want to secure a specific time for a product demo.

    Hello [Prospect's Name],

    I trust you're doing well. I'm [Your Name] with [Your Company], following up on our previous call.

    I'm thrilled to share that we've scheduled a personalized product demo for you.

    During this demo, we'll dive into how our solution can address [Prospect's Pain Point].

    Is [Date/Time] convenient for you, or should we explore other options?

    10) Demo Opener – Outbound Sales Call Script Example

    This outbound sales call script is used when you’re about to kick off a product demo. It ensures a strong and engaging start to captivate the prospect’s attention right from the beginning.

    Good [Morning/Afternoon/Evening], [Prospect's Name].

    I hope you're ready for an exciting session today.

    I'm [Your Name] from [Your Company], and I appreciate your time.

    During this demo, we'll showcase how our solution can revolutionize your [Industry/Process].

    But first, let's start with a quick overview. Shall we?

    [overview of demo]

    Why are Outbound Calls important?

    Outbound calls can be one of the most intimidating aspects of a salesperson’s job, no matter their position. However, they’re one of the most important aspects of your sales and yield great results.

    Why are Outbound Calls important - NeoDove


    A successful outbound call depends on many factors. The first step is to understand the appropriate meaning of the terms. 

    Aside from this, an effective outbound call script also plays an important role. You must explore other factors that determine the success of such calls. 

    Generally, such calls are normally used for fundraising, sales, or telemarketing.


    The Importance of Outbound Call Scripts

    Outbound sales calls are an extremely important part of your sales strategy. This strategy is especially popular because of the customer-centric approach. To deal with so many customers on the phone on a daily basis, it is crucial for sales agents to have a well-written outbound call script.

    An outbound sales call script is made considering several scripts. You must tailor your outbound call script after knowing your target customer, purchasing behavior and with an intent to sell.A sales call script that is well-structured will fetch you a lot of high-quality leads and conversions.


    17 Tips For Making A Successful Outbound Call

    Making outbound calls and outbound call scripts can be very tricky sometimes. 

    17 Tips For Making A Successful Outbound Call - NeoDove


    Here are some tips for outbound calling that an agent must keep in mind to make successful calls and outbound call scripts:

    1) Remember the purpose for which the call is made

    Keeping the outbound call’s objective in mind ensures that your outbound sales call script remains targeted and relevant to achieving your sales goals.

    2) Focus on selling

    Concentrating on selling highlights the product’s benefits. Thus, making your outbound call more persuasive and increasing the chances of a successful sale.

    Tip – Clearly articulate how your product solves their problem or fulfills their need during the call.

    3) Have a review for calls

    Call reviews help you identify what worked well and what didn’t in your outbound sales call script, allowing for continuous improvement.

    4) After the call, follow up

    Following up after the call maintains engagement, answers any lingering questions, and keeps the prospect moving towards a decision.

    Tip – Send a polite email or message to recap the conversation and offer any additional information or assistance.

    5) Convince in an easy way

    Simplifying your language and explanations makes it easier for the prospect to understand the value of your offer. Thus, reducing resistance and improving conversion rates.

    6) Close every conversation appropriately

    Ending the call with a clear next step ensures that the sales process progresses smoothly. It also avoids leaving prospects hanging.

    Tip – End by confirming the next steps, whether it’s scheduling a demo or sending more details.

    7) Include social proof

    Including social proof in your outbound sales call script by mentioning satisfied customers builds trust and credibility with the prospect.

    8) Anticipate objections beforehand

    Preparing for objections in advance allows you to respond confidently, addressing concerns and keeping the sales call on track.

    Tip – Prepare responses to common objections, so you’re ready to address them confidently.

    9) Hit on the pain points

    Focusing on the prospect’s pain points in your sales call script demonstrates that you understand their needs. Furthermore, it positions your solution as a valuable remedy.

    10) Become an active listener

    Actively listening during the call helps you grasp the prospect’s unique needs. Thus, enabling you to tailor your pitch more effectively.

    Tip – Listen more than you speak, and ask follow-up questions to show you’re engaged and interested.

    11) Question open-ended topics

    Asking open-ended questions encourages a more in-depth conversation. In this way, it uncovers valuable information and provides opportunities to demonstrate the relevance of your offer.

    12) Respect your customer’s time

    Showing respect for the prospect’s time by keeping the call concise and relevant fosters a positive impression and a willingness to engage further.

    Tip – Keep the call concise and stick to the main points.

    13) Pique your customer’s curiosity

    Stimulating curiosity in your outbound sales call script engages the prospect’s interest. Thus, encouraging them to learn more about your offer.

    14) Do your research

    Thoroughly researching the prospect and their needs helps tailor your outbound sales call script, making it more relevant and appealing.

    Tip – Learn about the prospect’s company and industry, so you can tailor your pitch to their specific needs.

    15) Focus on the prospect

    Centering the conversation around the prospect’s needs and interests in your sales call script ensures the call is customer-centric and valuable to them.

    16) Practice the outbound call script

    Practicing your script in advance allows you to deliver it confidently. This reduces stumbling and ensures a smoother, more persuasive conversation.

    Tip – Rehearse your script out loud to sound more natural and ensure a smooth conversation with the prospect.

    17) Select the prospects considering all the factors

    Carefully choosing prospects based on various factors such as demographics, needs, and potential fit. This improves the chances of a successful outbound sales call by targeting the right audience.

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    How Do You Make A Good Outbound Sales Call?

    Typically, your call center agent calls the prospective customer to sell or advertise your product. 

    Oftentimes, they use an outbound sales call script to do so. As a result, such calls are called outbound sales calls.

    How Do You Make A Good Outbound Sales Calll - NeoDove


    It is essential to have an appealing outbound sales call script to make your call successful. It becomes easier and more efficient for the call center agent to make calls when they have a good outbound call script.

    A good outbound call is one that ends with the motive of calling being achieved. Some of the strategies that can be followed to make outbound calls most appealing include:

    1) Specify KPI and goals

    For effective marketing of any product, it’s important to have a well-defined and appropriate outbound script and strategy. To be successful with your calls, you must be clear about what’s required and what you want to achieve.

    So at the inception itself, you have to identify and set your goals. For example, setting an appointment, encouraging the customer to react, or surveying.

    According to these goals, you can then establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs allow you to focus on essential areas. 

    KPI includes average handling time, conversion rate, first call close, occupancy rate, and more.

    2) Stick to the truth

    The outbound call script can be very helpful for agents during calls to keep them calm and avoid mistakes. Moreover, they also help them retain information and ensure consistency. 

    While using the script, your agent should ensure they only convey factual information. 

    The script’s purpose is to retain the confidence of the caller. However, it should be flexible enough for the agent to have a natural conversation.

    3) Engage the prospect

    With the outbound call, the prospect must feel they are appreciated and valued. This is possible only when their attention is attracted and they are engaged in the conversation. 

    When the customer’s pain points are targeted, the outbound call is very likely to achieve its goal.

    Before making the call, you can plan and do a bit of research about the prospect. Then, you can easily discuss their interests alongside selling your product by explaining how beneficial it would be for them. 

    The key ingredient of every outbound call is over-delivering and under-promising.

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      4) Optimize and analyze

      It is also essential to maximize the agent’s productivity for outbound calls.

      The best way to do this is through penetration reports. They provide a clear and detailed view of the dialer’s performance, infrastructure, and sales report. 

      As a result, you can then analyze the data to optimize the impact on sales.

      5) Spread out

      Incorporating other channels of communication along with the outbound calls is sure to crack a deal in one go. 

      Warm up the customers with emails and text messages. This ensures that they pick your call and are interested in what you have to say. 

      The probability of closing your deal is high when you make an outbound call with this preparation.



      Outbound calls turn into successful deals when your customer feels appreciated and valued. 

      In addition to this, they must also find a solution to their pain points and problems. Outbound call scripts are a very effective and efficient way to appeal to maximum prospects.

      However, to convert a prospect into a customer, you have to research and show that you care for them. 

      Have your sales representatives study the above as well as various other outbound sales call script examples. A good outbound call sample can make a world of a difference in the way your representatives handle sales calls.

      With the help of these examples of outbound call scripts, your business too can perfect your cold calling game.

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