Customers and potential customers are contacted via an outbound call center so that the company’s objectives, such as sales, customer satisfaction surveys, service/product feedback, and so on, can be met. To increase agent productivity and efficiency, businesses use outbound call center software.

By reducing agent idle time and handling outbound calls more efficiently, the software contributes to the overall success of the call center. In addition, businesses can benefit from outbound call center software by automating their phone processes.


What is outbound call center software?

Outbound call centre meaning is a call center that makes outbound calls to customers on behalf of a business. And while they have been on the rise to help enhance the business value of organizations, the emergence of software that assists in the same has also been rising in the market.

An outbound call center software is the solution that helps companies run their outbound call centers more efficiently by managing outgoing calls, recording customer complaints, monitoring customer experience, and tracking agent productivity. Multiple departments can benefit from these solutions.

Sales and marketing teams use outbound call center solutions to make sales and promotional calls to clients. In contrast, support teams use this software to resolve customer issues and even provide post-sales training. While phone calls are the most common method of contacting a prospect or a customer, systems like these also make it possible to communicate with customers via other means such as live chat, instant messaging, text message, and social media.


Some features of an outbound call center software are:

  • Automatic call dialing: This feature free up your contact center agents by reducing their time making calls. This increases productivity and efficiency. Agents can spend more time interacting with customers when using outbound calling software


  • Call-queue management: The software algorithm manages the call queue and can estimate when a customer service representative will be available to take a call.


  • Telephony integration: This helps integrate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services and the existing telephone equipment.


  • Built-in-telephony: This helps in making phone calls from internet-enabled devices. 


  • Call-logging: Gather, record, and analyze calls made by a business over some time. It provides information such as frequency and duration of phone calls and caller ID information.


  • Call Recording: Maintain a central repository of all recordings for training and quality monitoring in a call center.

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5 Best Outbound Call Center Software in 2022

RingCentral Contact Center, Dialpad, Five9, Cloudtalk, and Talkdesk are the best outbound call center software products based on their features and user popularity. Here are some additional details about them.


1. Dialpad

Dialpad is a cloud communication platform powered by AI to take notes and analyze sentiments. You will have a single location to record calls, mute, hold, and so on. It will transfer between devices without a hitch, and it is compatible with G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce.


2. Ring Central

RingCentral Contact Center includes many robust features such as intelligent routing, CRM integrations, workforce management tools, and more. You’ll also gain access to administrative and management tools such as surveys, call recording, and analytics. RingCentral is secure, safe, and dependable. They have a 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime, and the software allows your agents to work from anywhere.


3. Five9 Cloud Contact Centre Software

Five9 is a contact center software that is hosted in the cloud. The Five9 Intelligence Cloud Contact Center empowers and enables your customer service agents to work from anywhere. Five9 is entirely customizable. The software delivers a crystal clear voice, strong security, and a 99.99% uptime rate. The Five9 contact center is reliable, affordable, and simple to use.

CRM integration, Open platform APIs, Call routing, Omnichannel support, Global voice, Self-service tools, Analytics, WFO, Predictive dialing are some of the most important features and benefits of this all-in-one contact center software. Five9 offers a variety of solutions based on the nature of your business.

They offer call center software for sales, telemarketing, customer service, collections, outsourcers, small, medium, and large businesses.


4. Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk provides low-cost remote-ready phone center services. Your sales team’s productivity will skyrocket thanks to CloudTalk’s advanced features. It dials automatically, allowing you to reach more prospects and convert more leads. CloudTalk outbound call center software is designed specifically for sales teams.

It integrates well with all major CRMs and provides virtual phone numbers from 140 countries at unbeatable prices. Cloudtalk’s advanced features include predictive dialing, call recording, call statistics, call campaigns, call monitoring, and CRM integrations.


5. Talkdesk

ACD, IVR, Ring Groups, and other intelligent routing features are available in Talkdesk. All plans include unlimited call recording. It has advanced voice capabilities and a power dialer along with cutting-edge network architecture. Outbound Dialer is also available from Talkdesk.

It has call recording, monitoring, and barging as quality management features. Talkdesk can be integrated with over 30 different systems, including Salesforce and Zendesk. It offers customizable reports as well as a real-time dashboard.

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Why do you need an outbound call center software?

Certain features of outbound call center software, as listed below, can improve the efficiency of the outbound calling process

  • Auto Dialers: Dialer software for outbound call centers aids in the automation of the calling process by incorporating intelligence into the dialing process to increase operational efficiency while decreasing call drop rates. Using this, agents don’t have to dial a number manually. 


  • Predictive Dialing: Predictive dialing can increase the productivity of your call center agents and reduce idle time while ensuring high call connect rates. It determines when the agent will be available to take the call using configurable dialer algorithms.


  • Preview Dialer: When using a Preview Dialer, the customer’s information is displayed to the agent before making the call. As a result, they have time to get to know the customer and have more informed conversations with customers.


  • Automatic agent assignment across campaigns: Multiple dialing processes or campaigns can be run simultaneously. Agents are automatically directed to the campaigns and queues to which they are assigned, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the scope of error.


  • Real-time dashboards: It provides real-time visibility into metrics such as connection rates, call volumes, campaign data summaries, and more. The use of reports and dashboards aids in allocating resources and the management of campaigns.



Choosing the right outbound calling software is critical to the success of your business. Call barging, real-time dashboards, and call monitoring should all be included, and it should offer you seamless scalability. Best outbound calling software is supported by intelligent outbound dialers and powerful outbound call venters, which increase customer engagement and connection rates.

In this way, outbound calling software gives companies an advantage over their competition regarding increased revenue, reduced agent training, improved customer retention, and more.