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4 Best Outbound Call Scripts In 2022

Published on January 16, 2022
Last modified on July 21, 2022
outbound call scripts

Outbound call scripts enable sales representatives to have fruitful conversations with clients and referrals. 

Understanding your product or service and knowing how to engage a customer, uncover their problem area, and efficiently close deals are all required for creating effective call scripts. Here, we have provided four free outbound sales call script examples for various scenarios.


4 Best outbound call scripts in 2022

An outbound call, often known as a cold call, is one that a salesman initiates. A sales representative contacts a consumer who hasn’t contacted the company or showed interest in its products or services. In other words, the call comes as a surprise to the customer.

Having some tried and tested scripts handy can be a good idea for an outbound call to succeed. So, here are 4 tried and tested outbound call scripts for your call center agents:


1. Arranging a live demonstration of your product

This is one of the most basic scripts for your salespeople to use when presenting your company’s product or service to potential customers and convincing them to consent to a live demo.

– Hello, Ayush [name of client],

This is Suman [name of caller] from ABC Pvt. Ltd. We haven’t met, but I was researching firms that would benefit from our latest onboarding marketing solution, and it appears that we would be a good match for you. Is this a good time? Because I’d want to tell you about some of the fantastic ways our software can help your company succeed!

– Hi Suman. Yes,

I can spare some time?

– Excellent! Because I am aware of your time constraints, I will keep my remarks minimum. With the effectiveness and cost-efficiency that only modern technology can provide, our solution helps organizations like yours attract the top people in their respective fields. Our goal is to save you time and effort when recruiting new employees while also allowing you to get the greatest outcomes for the least amount of money.

I’d be delighted to tell you more about how we do it, as well as the subscription options available to our consumers. Why don’t we set up a live demo to see for yourself what our software is capable of? Is it possible to meet on Monday or Wednesday afternoon next week?


2. Getting through to voicemail

When your agents reach someone’s voicemail, this script describes what to do.

– Hello, Vinod [name of client],

This is Trisha [name of caller] from ABC Pvt. Ltd. We recently met at the trade show [name of event], where we had a terrific conversation about new business opportunities.

– Hi Trisha.

Yes, I remember you. So, what is this call about?

– I’m calling to reconnect with you and tell you about the latest model my firm has released, which will considerably streamline the process of hiring fresh talent for your organization. We can make it much more straightforward and effective!

– I would love to talk, but I am a little short on time today.

– I understand you have a lot on your plate right now, but if you think the idea is interesting and worth your time, I’d love to have a quick talk with you and tell you more. If that sounds appealing to you, please let me know when would be a good time for you and we can set a call or maybe even meet accordingly?


3. Promotional Sales Script

The promotional sales script should be utilized as a part of the marketing campaign to create a sense of urgency to drive the prospect closer to a purchase decision. 

– Hello, Karan.

Tanya from One Fit Tech, here. I understand you want to work with us to optimize your sales process, but you’re worried about the cost of onboarding and training.

– Hi Tanya.

That is true, and I was facing a few concerns. So, how can you assist me with this?

I spoke with my manager about your worries and asked if we could do anything to make things easy for you and get you started. He informed me that we have an offer for free training, which I may extend to you. It is, however, a limited-time offer that will end at the end of the month.

– Oh, that does sound great, but I would need a few more details.

– Do you have some time before the 31st? If you let me know, I’ll organize a meeting to explain everything in greater detail.


4. Upselling

– Hi Venkat,

How are you doing today? Calling from Wide Angel Software, this is Jaspreet.

– Hi, Jaspreet.

– We are providing you with an upgrade to your current HRMS software based on your previous engagement with us. It’s a no-cost enhancement that’ll take effect right now, and I’d want to go over the advantages with you.

– Sure, I have some time. So, what are the benefits of this enhancement?

– It’s crucial to engage with the customer’s previous relationship with your organization when upselling. Demonstrate how valuable you are to them. Your agents will also require an acceptable ending script if the customer is busy or hasn’t made up their mind.

– Yes yes, that is a basic requirement.

– Indeed. And there are many other benefits you will be privy to that I would love to explain over a video call or meeting with you. So, if it’s okay, let’s set up a meeting and take this forward then?

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Tips to create an outbound call script?

Sales is all about meeting targets, and how many outbound calls per day succeed depends on the sales script you are using as a guide. So, here are a few tips to create a bestselling outbound call script:


Meet the requirements of the prospect

Meeting your prospect’s needs with your script is one of every salesman’s most important outbound call recommendations. Most of the time, sales is about fixing a customer’s issue, so make sure you do that right away in your initial discussion. 

Also, make sure that the script is designed following the outbound calling hours preferred by the prospect. Scripts make it easier to remember to incorporate this important aspect of cold calling.


Get to know your script

One criticism of call scripts is that they make salespeople sound too robotic or mechanical. One approach to avoid this is to memorize the script so thoroughly that you’re only using it as a guide to direct you through the discussion rather than reading it. This will also assist you in tailoring your script to different people, as no two conversations will be alike.


Create a decision-making script

You’ll also require a script tailored to key decision-makers. Use it to personalize your call so that the person you’re speaking with feels as they know you.

Include something you admire about them or their company, as well as how your product or service may help them succeed. Call scripts for decision-makers are excellent for overcoming obstacles and engaging with the person who counts the most.


Make a gatekeeper script

Without discussing a gatekeeper script, no list of outgoing call recommendations would be complete. Receptionists, secretaries, assistants, and others act as gatekeepers, screening calls to determine which are significant enough to be forwarded to a key decision-maker. 

Make a call script to assist you, and make use of it to get straight to the point while remaining friendly and patient.

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Outbound call scripts are an important part of any sales strategy. By having a clear objective for each conversation—which produces new sales and revenue for your small business use these call scripts to take the fear out of calling prospects, customers, and leads.

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