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Why outbound sales is important for your business?

Published on October 15, 2021
Last modified on December 7, 2022
outbound sales

Do you know 70% of sales reps still connect and generate meetings over the phone?

With the rapid advancement of technology, getting real-time data about consumers has never been easier. 

Along with careful planning, if you adopt the right technology to reach out to these prospects and provide them with proactive support, you can guarantee a drastic increase in your business’s ROI.


What is outbound sales?

Outbound sales refer to when a call center agent reaches out to prospective customers to make a sales deal. It is one of the proven ways to increase the ROI of a business. 

Outbound sales along with telesales including telemarketing in your sales strategy will give you leverage over your competitors.

outbound sales


Why outbound sales?

  • Outbound  calling is a very effective way when reaching both B2B and B2C prospects


  • The costs for social media marketing have multiplied with the sudden increase of fierce competition and reaching an audience organically is time-consuming.


  • Outbound sales is comparatively cheaper than other sales and marketing strategies such as SEO and inbound marketing. 


  • It improves your brand awareness and in the long run the brand equity.


  • It helps you generate leads easily and gives you better insight into the lead.


  • Apart from generating new leads, it helps you retain the existing ones because you need to make sure that your customers are having a great experience using your product or service. Customer loyalty also brings up new customers through word of mouth.


  • And finally, because it sells!

If your business has been in the industry for a long time and you already have a large set of data, you can enhance and manage this data in a better way with outbound sales.

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How to make outbound calling with the help of NeoDove?

outbound sales

NeoDove is an all-in-one telecalling and sales management platform made to provide tailored solutions to organizations of any size and scale. 

Not only that, but NeoDove also provides an app for uniform interaction among all divisions, processes and, parts of the company, from sales and marketing, to finance and HR.

As it’s tailored for outbound sales, it can help you to manage your outbound sales calls seamlessly. 


What are the main features that help in outbound sales?

  • Single app-based real-time call management and reporting: The platform will help you, monitor, manage and analyze the outbound communication in real-time, streamline and strengthen the entire CRM process and handle the leads concretely.


  • Customize, edit and track questionnaires for building and monitoring scripts: You can create your questions based on the information you need to extract from the prospects. With NeoDove outbound calling feature, your calling process becomes systematic and highly productive. You can also get rid of any errors or mismatches prevalent in the calling system.


  • Maximizing lead management: No lead ever goes wasted! The platform will help you manage the generated leads in a better way by making you take the appropriate action in handling every one of them. Whether by closing the lead immediately or marking it as a “not interested lead” or by reassigning it to a different department or even by just rescheduling it to a different time.


  • Optimize employees’ efficiency: Keep a real-time track of the employees’ present capacity of work allocated to them. Identify the progress with the help of tags and cross-examine how many warm, hot, and cold leads an employee is handling.


  • Multilingual Support: Your employees can record data in NeoDove in English, Hindi, or any other supported language.

Along with the above-mentioned features, NeoDove guarantees you strong and robust data security, you can create multiple users and assign them different usage rights according to their organizational hierarchy and you can access the platform in offline mode.

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