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11 Best Outbound Calling Tips for 2023

Published on January 20, 2022
Last modified on June 5, 2023

Outbound calls can be a challenging feat to accomplish, without a doubt. From handling objections to performing pre-call research and knowing the product, you will need a plethora of skills to be successful at it. As a result, approximately 48% of B2B salespeople are reluctant to make outbound calls.

Making outbound calls also has its psychological challenges, such as fear of rejection, failure, and success-related fears (since expectations and responsibilities are raised). If any of these fears stop you or hinder your progress, remember that you are not alone. The following outbound calling tips and strategies can help you overcome your inhibitions.

In this article, we will take you through outbound calling tips and strategies that can help you overcome your inhibitions.

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Top 5 Outbound Calling and Marketing Strategies

Salespeople use cold calling techniques to contact people who have not shown an interest in their products or services in the past. Typically cold calling is a solicitation by phone or telemarketing. Cold calling could also involve in-person visits, for instance, salespeople going door-to-door. The method usually involves the following steps:

  • Pick up the phone to contact a prospect. The other ways of contacting an individual are via emails, text messages, or postal mails sent out to your target market’s list of leads.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Pitch your product.
  • Ask the prospect if they have any questions about the product or service you are selling.
  • Try to close the deal on the call itself.

outbound calling tips

Now that we have seen what cold calling looks like in a nutshell, let us go through some outbound calling strategies that will surely help you close sales in 2022.

1. Research your prospects

Do pre-call research on the prospect and personalize your outbound call – Did you know that 82% of B2B management layers feel that sales representatives are not thorough in their preparation? So it is imperative to utilize various social media platforms like Linkedin and the company website to know the prospect. Even if you have a fantastic offer, but the client has no use for it, then there is no way you can convert them into your loyal customers.

Sometimes, the customer is interested in what you have to offer, but you find that they are not eligible for the offer. For instance, you sell fiber internet plans, but there are no optical fiber cables in the customer’s neighborhood. To avoid such a situation, you must be thorough with some of the vital information about your customer to customize the offer as per their needs.

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    2. Have a set outbound calling script in front when calling

    Have a cold calling script in front of you – The task of making numerous cold calls in a day is stressful. Preparing an outbound calling script that outlines all the necessary steps becomes necessary in an outbound call. The outbound calling script could also contain tips on how to deal with rude customers. Your outbound calling script would help in:

    1.   Clarity on steps to take during the call.
    2.   Have detailed answers for frequently asked questions.
    3.   How to tackle sales objections.
    4.   Perfect your closing question to yield the desired response.


    3. Use social proofs

    If you have social proofs to showcase, research has shown that it increases conversion rates by 111% to 468%.  There are several things you can mention to the prospect as social proof. You can mention a famous investor or company that you have worked with. You could refer to a common acquaintance if possible, sharing strong metrics and case studies that showcase your wins.


    4. Deal with objections and rejections

    It is hard to get a yes on your first cold call as most customers today have lots of doubts and objections. But if you can deal with all this, it goes a long way in closing the deal. One of the ways to improve and learn from rejections is to ask the customer why they think your business can not help them. It could also be that you have caught someone on their bad day, so do not let their response shake your confidence or make you feel negative.


    5. Incentives for referrals

    You can identify your loyal customers or brand advocates through internet research and social media channels. You can build your clientele by offering such customers incentives and discounts for them and their referrals.


    11 Best Outbound Calling Tips for Your Outbound Calling Strategy

    While making cold calls, it is important to be prepared to have fun in the call rather than have it feel like a chore. Here are the 11 best outbound calling tips that would enhance your outbound calling strategy.

    • Invest in a high-quality headset. You want to be relaxed in an important call, and a faulty headset can ruin this experience. So get a quality headset with an amplifier unit to take care of any audio issues in the call.
    • If you do not rehearse your outbound calling script, it would sound robotic to you and the customer. Rehearsing your outbound calling script will help you internalize it, and it will come out natural and confident.
    • A common issue with calls is getting stuck or failing to get through the call, which can be quite discouraging. There are outbound calling tools available in the market which can help you get connected easily and ease your burden.
    • Focussing on losing the sale or your job can take the joy as well as confidence out of your voice. A few stretching and breathing exercises will relax your body. You should also disconnect from your goals and focus just on the call.
    • Try to gauge the individual’s interest before you dive into the details.
    • Highlight unique benefits of the product and its efficiencies.
    • Show the customer that you have done your market research and back your claims with social proof and powerful stats.
    • Give them an estimate of how long you would take for the call.
    • You must have points to tell them how your product and services are different from similar ones in the market.
    • People like real stories, so have an engaging story ready to tell your prospect.
    • You must be polite yet persistent in selling your business. Ask them questions to clarify doubts and queries.


    4 Outbound Calling Questions to Ask in a Cold Call

    Statistics say it takes as many as eight calls to get someone to talk to you in a cold call. To make your approach memorable and not predictable, here are some initial sales call questions for warming up:

    outbound calling tips

    • Call them by their name and ask them how they are doing. The question “how are you” is fine, but a better and superior way to ask is “how have you been.”
    • Pick up information from their LinkedIn like certificates, awards, hobbies and ask them engaging questions about any topic.
    • Ask the prospect about the top challenges that s/he or their company is facing.
    • Check what features they would like to see in the product.



    In the fast-paced world of sales, mastering the art of outbound calling is essential. These 11 outbound calling tips and strategies will unravel your secret to success.

    Technology is your ally in this game. You have to leverage advanced tools to prioritize leads and track your performance, ensuring every outbound call counts. 

    Outbound calling is not just about making a call; it’s about building relationships and closing deals. These strategies are your secret weapons. Implement them, and watch your outbound calling efforts soar to new heights. Success awaits those who embrace the power of effective communication, personalization, and unwavering perseverance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    To make a successful outbound call, research your prospect, prepare a clear script, personalize your approach, and be confident. Listen actively, address objections, and focus on building a relationship to achieve your goals.

    Outbound dialer strategy involves using an automated system to efficiently make outbound calls. It streamlines the calling process, prioritizes leads, and provides data for performance tracking, improving productivity and results.

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