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WhatsApp templates for faster and easier messaging

Help your sales team enhance customer engagement and maintain uniformity in messaging using pre-defined WhatsApp templates.

Why do you need WhatsApp templates?

WhatsApp message templates are specific message formats that you can use to send out important updates or relevant information to your prospects and customers. NeoDove allows you to send a pre-defined WhatsApp message without having to save the recipient’s number, which will save you both time and effort, as well as relieve you of the unnecessary pressure that comes when prospects or customers ask for immediate information.

Save time and effort with predefined WhatsApp templates

Now you don’t have to spend time typing a message while on the phone. Use predefined WhatsApp templates to convey necessary information and send important attachments in no time!

Save time

With messages already prepared before time, there will be no time wasted in drafting one when it is time to send one. This will free you up from unnecessary hassles.

Improve efficiency

In addition to being able to convey important information quickly, you also have time to perform other important tasks, wthus increasing your producivity.

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Enhance your customer engagement

Frequently asked questions

WhatsApp message templates are standardized messages that businesses use to send notifications or messages (such as appointment reminders, payment updates, shipping information or issues resolved) to people that have opted in to receive them.
With WhatsApp templates, you can proactively communicate with your users. In addition to saving you the time and effort of having to type a message every time one is needed, it relieves you of the stress of having to respond to an inquiry or request quickly.
In addition to editing your WhatsApp template from the admin portal, you can also edit it during the actual sending process. You can customize the template according to your requirements.
Broadcast Lists allow you to send a message or media to many contacts at the same time (as long as your number is saved in their phone address book). These broadcast messages will appear as if they came from you personally.
Adding bold, italicized, even strikethrough text, and emojis to your WhatsApp messages will make them more interesting.

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