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Ensure effective messaging with pre-existing templates

With pre-determined message templates, ensure that your sales team communicates the correct information to your prospects and customers.

Why do you need pre-existing templates?

Each member of your sales team has their own style of conversing, which is important no doubt. But uniformity is also important during a conversation. This uniformity will ensure that everyone stays on the same page and, with NeoDove’s pre-existing templates, your sales team knows what exactly needs to be said in the messages that are sent to prospects and customers.

Use pre-existing templates to keep messaging uniform

By using pre-exiting templates, each member of your sales team does not stray from relevant points, and a consistent conversation is maintained.

Ensure uniformity

Using pre-existing templates not only makes the sales team’s job easier but also ensures uniformity in messaging.

Save time

All your sales team has to do is select the appropriate message template and send the message directly from the app.

Increase Efficiency

Save your team the trouble of thinking and typing messages on the spot. They will be able to focus on other important tasks.

Reduce Error

There is a possibility that your team will type incorrectly due to the pressure of the moment. Templates, though, spare them the hassle of proofreading a message as they send it.

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Frequently asked questions

The pre-existing template feature allows you to create a set of standard messages that you can send to prospects and customers or use them to reply to messages or to send new messages by using the previously configured text.
Templates can be edited either from the admin portal or during the actual sending process. You can make changes to the templates according to your needs.
Multimedia files can be attached. Messages sent through WhatsApp won’t incur any charges, however SMS/MMS will be subject to separate charges depending your carrier.

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