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Be notified when your team members exceed their break time

Stay informed about when your team members have gone over their break time with break notifications.

Why are break notifications important?

Taking a break has tangible benefits. However, if taken too frequently, they can prove counterproductive. Often, they take your attention away from your tasks – making it difficult for you to complete them. To ensure that time is being spent productively, it is necessary to monitor the frequency of the breaks. When your team members exceed their break time, NeoDove lets you know, keeping you informed about how effectively your teammates are making use of their time.

Ensure your team members utilise their time efficiently

Monitor your team and know how efficiently they are utilising their time. With break notifications, ensure no time is wasted.

Get notified

Keep track of the number of breaks your team takes, how often they exceed their break limits, etc.

Enhance productivity

Monitor how your team makes use of its time and take appropriate steps to improve its productivity.

Stay in control

Stay on top of your team’s performance by analyzing it and taking corrective measures whenever necessary.

Improved Time Management

Observe how your employees manage their time and make sure that they don’t waste it on work that isn’t productive.

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Frequently asked questions

The benefits of taking a break at work are real. Short breaks allow employees to stretch their aching muscles, find relief from prolonged positions and postures, and retain any information they may have learned in the past hour or two.
We become less mentally fatigued, enhance our brain function, and stay focused with good breaks. Taking too many breaks can, however, backfire. You will find it hard to focus when you take frequent or longer breaks. Therefore, if you want to accomplish more during your workday, taking well-planned breaks will help.
To ensure that every employee takes the adequate amount of breaks they need to recharge, it’s vital to track their time.
An efficient monitoring system can improve productivity on the job by reducing mistakes made and allowing greater, more efficient use of time.

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