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Monitor your sales team and optimize productivity

Make your workflow less monotonous and monitor your sales team’s activities with NeoDove. Work with a sustainable work model making the lead processing more efficient by eliminating time-consuming activities.

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Features of team monitoring and productivity

Realtime KPI reporting

Have real-time data visualization of your KPIs. Access your success indicators.

Detailed user reports

Get detailed user reports of your team members for in-depth analysis

Hourly reporting

Have access to user-wise hourly reporting to analyze productivity

Break notifications

Get notifications of extended breaks taken by your team members

Customizable script

Get campaign-wise customizable script with preconfigured templates

Past reports

Have complete access to past days reports of your team members

Ease of use with multilingual user interface

Empower your sales team to work with a language they are comfortable with. Have the freedom to capture and record data in multiple languages. With a dynamic interface, you’ll have the ability to expand across geographical locations.

  • Assign the right lead to the right person understanding the language
  • Preconfigure message templates to help your sales team
  • Create your own customizable script to talk to prospects 
sales team
lead assignment

Automatic lead assignment with smart auto-dial feature

No more manual dialing and worrying about lead efficiency. Auto lead consolidation allows you to focus on converting rather than qualifying them manually and deciding whom to assign to.

  • Call your prospect directly without saving their number
  • Zero chances of error while calling
  • Best-in-class data privacy
  • More calls at the same time

Best team monitoring software for sales

Track team activities and gain insights

Get actionable and real-time team insights (Hourly reports)

Track your sales team’s activities in real-time and take action. Have access to key insights like break time, login time, geotagging, and more. Bring out the best in your team with a high-performing team monitoring tool.

  • Track agent activities – break time, login, hourly reports, etc.
  • Plan your sales strategy by keeping a tab on conversion
  • Have access to insightful reports that can help you manage your team
team monitoring
sales team

Multi-task with inbuilt communication system

An inbuilt communication system helps you to share information via multiple channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and email. No need to manually add every contact in the contact book just for sending a message.

  • Reduce response time by taking immediate action
  • Manage voice calls in one unified platform
  • Assign different tasks to the team members

Best team monitoring and productivity management tool

Build proactive sales teams with NeoDove

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