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Keep track of your team's working hours with hourly reporting

Know how your sales team members are spending their working hours. Balance workloads and keep your team on track.

Why hourly reporting is important?

Your team’s performance is analysed and optimised through performance reports, and hourly reporting facilitates this by giving you insight into how productively your team is using their working hours. NeoDove provides you with real-time reports that let you know how your team is doing at any given time; where and how they are investing their time, if there are any discrepancies, you can take corrective measures accordingly.

Ensure that your team is utilizing their time effectively

Keep track of your team’s performance and know what they are up to. Plan and organize your team’s hours and tasks efficiently.

Take charge

Stay informed about your team’s performance by knowing how efficiently they are utilising their working hours.

Improve productivity

Follow up on your team’s performance and take measures as needed to improve their productivity.

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Frequently asked questions

Hourly reports provide you with much-needed insights into how efficiently your teammates are using their working hours. You can use these insights to determine where and how the team is spending its time, if there is scope for further delegation, or if the team is underperforming, and so on.
The benefits of team management within the workplace include the promotion of a more cohesive management style within a company or team, particularly when team-building techniques are applied. It facilitates the implementation of analytical thinking and negotiation in order to solve problems.
Yes, you will most certainly get accurate hourly reports so that you can monitor your team properly for better sales results.
If you are the admin, you can view reports for all your team members.

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