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Get a complete picture of your team's performance with past reports

With past reports, understand your team’s progress so far and know what steps to take next to keep them on track.

Why are past reports important and how does it help your business?

Past data plays an important role in determining the steps of today. You can make insightful judgments about your team based on their past performance, where they need improvement, how promising their results are, and so on. With NeoDove, you can view past performance reports (for example, the number of calls made, the total number of connected calls, the average duration of the calls, etc.) The call performance statistics can be viewed for a specific duration, that is, from one date to another.

Keep your team performing efficiently

Assess the capabilities and areas for improvement of your team members based on past reports. Take more calculated decisions.

Better decision-making

By knowing your team’s performance better, you will be able to pinpoint which members are better at something or who need to improve.

Enhanced process efficiency

With clearer insights into the performance of your team, you will be able to assign tasks more effectively, thus improving the process efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Using performance reports, businesses can identify and understand potential growth opportunities within their company and the overall business performance. Also, these reports help businesses to formulate strategies for achieving their goals and objectives.
Tracking an employee’s performance allows you to gain insights into where they are doing well, where they can stretch, and where they are not strong yet.
The admin or the team lead can access the past reports of their team members to improve the team’s performance.
You can analyze the call duration, agent talk time, break time, and other activities in the report.
These reports help you to make better-informed decisions and improve your overall sales performance.

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